Pets Are Great For Your Health

It was a gloomy rainy day out and I wasn’t looking forward to venturing out into the rain and wind. That is until I saw my first Fort Lauderdale dog training client for the day and their gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog smothered me with kisses and was the happiest dog in the world just to be alive. Dogs have a magical way about them to always put a smile on one’s face and to remind people of how to be present, aware and to live in the now (carpe diem). To watch a dog, cat, bird, or fish….etc just be itself is a wonderful gift.


How can you possibly have a worry in the world when your best friend is by your side, loyal, happy, smiling and giving you all of their attention? It’s simply not possible. Not only do dogs make you happy, get you in shape, get you out of the house, and in touch with nature, but they also put a smile on your face and most faces that they come into contact with.

Pets transcend social classes, positions, hierarchies, egos, and all of the silliness that humans get caught up in on a daily basis. To watch, feel and hear a cat purr on your chest, a dog sitting at your feet keeping them warm (as I write this post), cuddled up next to you on the couch, or a bird chirping or singing a song is a heartwarming, soulful event that brings out the “humane” human in all of us.


Canine good citizen dogs (CGC), therapy dogs and service dogs brighten the days and lives of all they come into contact with. From dogs that treat humans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to dogs that can detect insulin or cancer, they have all adapted to the many walks of human life. Dogs have the ability to make humans healthy, happier and more fulfilled.

 Dogs make people healthier

They are amazing companions and offer a tremendous amount of benefits to even the most incredulous person. Whatever pet it is that you are fond of, show them some love and appreciation. Just taking your pup for a long dog walk, stimulating there mind and body is fulfillment and love for a dog. Of course belly rubs and a scratch behind the ear is most appreciated as well. Petting your cat, admiring your fish, listening to your birds are all forms of therapy and a blessing that have the power to change your mood instantaneously. Go ahead and try it!