Why be a Pet Parent?

While dog training in Los Angeles I have a lot of unique interactions with the public. Much about a person’s character and personality can be instantly derived when dog walking in Los Angeles by observing people’s reactions to the dog you’re with. While walking your dog down the street, you can immediately tell a warmhearted person/dog lover by the way they look at your dog or if they look at your dog. Take note, do they smile, frown, grimace, show disdain, make a funny face, only glance at your dog for a second then look away as if he/she didn’t exist, want nothing to do with you or your dog or do they show curiosity about your dog? Do they look confused, perplexed, stop to cuddle, kiss, hug, play, talk, dance with you or your dog? Do they whip out their phone and start talking pictures and showing you pictures of their pet/s? (Yes, all of these have happened to me.) You can tell a lot about a person just by the way they look and interact, consciously or unconsciously at your dog. It is a fun exercise to do, especially if you are in the market for a dog-loving partner. I know quite a few people that have done this exercise and have had an easy time weeding out potential human mates based on the way people responded to their dog. Your dog can help you meet a great new friend or even start a new romance.

Why Are Dogs Therapeutic?

Why are dogs therapy dogs? Dog’s not only make humans healthier, but they provide us with a tremendous amount of therapy! They are cuddly, understanding, nonjudgmental, compassionate, warm, furry (or not), happy, forgiving, loving, playful, present and ALWAYS in the now. Not some of the time, not every other Friday or Sunday, not only when they are practicing being a good dog or when they decide to go to church, temple, mosque or whatever religious or spiritual structure you may practice in, they are always in the moment. They epitomize carpe diem.

For those of us who strive to be aware and conscious and in the present moment, they are a wonderful reminder of who we are and why we are on this earth. They are not premeditative, vindictive, or rational but that’s part of their charm and allure.

Dogs make people do crazy things and act completely “out of character.” More importantly, they bring the relentlessly churning human mind/brain that is constantly in fast forward (thinking about future expectations) or in reverse (thinking about the past) to the present moment. Dogs are walking breathing presence.

What Else Makes Dogs So Special

Dogs make people healthier

What makes dogs, and sharing your life with your dog, so special? The bond between a human and a pet is like no other. It’s a relationship that words cannot describe yet many try. Dogs transcend boundaries, cultures, shapes, sizes, and colors. They remind us of how silly life is and how to not take everything so seriously, they don’t care if you live in mansion, have a yacht, a Ferrari, motorcycle, travel around the world in your private jet, eat at the finest restaurants, have 3 homes in Miami Beach and are a socialite or you are down on our luck, unpopular, a hermit or are homeless. You are energy another individual and treated equally regardless if you’re elderly or neonatal.

All animals human and nonhuman should be treated with respect, kindness, love, and attention. Dogs did not become “human’s best friend” from being anything else than who they are. In this overly illusionary and delusionary complex world of media, television, internet, politics, and confusion, etc., they remind us of what it is like to just be simple, alive, present and to turn our brains off. Go ahead and hug, kiss, pet, stroke, smile at and love another sentient being and you will receive the world in return.

British poet Lord Byron wrote: “Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man, without his Vices.” Dogs naturally and effortlessly possess these qualities.  Dogs are humanity’s saviors, wrapped up in warm furry coats, with permasmiles.

Want a personal trainer, a rehab coach, a therapist, a best friend, unconditional love, loyalty, truth, and honesty? Whether you have high blood pressure, depression, a lot of stress or diabetes, the prescription remains the same, get a dog and live a longer, happier, healthier life!


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