Dog Training Tools vs Teaching

French bulldog pulling on leash

Tools vs Teaching One of the most common dog walking scenes across the country is a pet parent being pulled down the street while walking their dog. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see a dog wearing a front attaching harness however it is often without the benefit of being taught or learning anything. How […]

The Foible of Inclusivity in “Teaching”

Shar-Pei Blown Away

Why LIMA isn’t enough Disclaimer: I practice Buddhism which regardless of which lineage you follow has nonharm to all sentient beings as the core value and practice. So the ethics and morals in which I follow oftentimes do not align with dog training organizations I am a part of. LIMA, (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) does […]

Steve Guttenberg Teams Up With Fun Paw Care


Steve Guttenberg Teams Up With Fun Paw Care to Support Service Dogs & Homeless Dogs in Conjunction with 2 Noteworthy Charities!   I am thrilled to announce: film star, actor, dog lover and one of my closest friends, Steve Guttenberg will be teaming up in support of Fun Paw Care to raise awareness for service dogs […]

Journalistic Integrity and Dogs

belgian malinois

Dogs and Journalists, Oh My!   Have you ever played the game, how many inaccuracies can you find in one article by large media outlet newspaper? It is fun but quite sad. This is not to single out a specific newspaper but to focus on the systemic problem affecting media and journalists today. It is […]

Accessible Miami Beach

Friends on accessible beach

Sabrina Cohen Accessible Beach   “The only disability in life is a bad attitude,” and by this metric, there were no disabilities as far as the eye could see. A core tenet in life is to give back, volunteer, and to make life as fulfilling, enjoyable, and empowering for others as possible. This includes offering […]

8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Not Pack Animals

Wolf pack howling

Are Dogs Pack Animals? Here are all of the dog/cat and pet products that we recommend Check out our dog training services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the world! (Updated 2020) How many times have you […]

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Allow My Dogs In The Kitchen

dog training in kitchen

(Updated 2020) Here are all of the dog/cat and pet products that we recommend   Check out our dog training services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the world! Some popular dog training questions are: Should I […]

Let’s Get Naked

Nude Girl with Dog

Stripping Down With Your Dog By a show of hands (or comments below) how many of you have ever left the house to take your dog on a long dog walk or dog training outdoors without your phone? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller? Not, many I would guess. I would like to suggest that you do so and […]

Tommy Says – The Only Disability is a Bad Attitude!

Silly dog rolling over

Three Legs or Four, Tommy has a lot of Energy and Loves Being Outside!  One of the many reasons I love ethology, dog training and working with nonhuman and human animals is that they inspire me to be a better person. I am a board member of the disability access committee (DAC) in Miami Beach. […]

Ground Control to Major Tom

tired dog resting in store

Behavior is the Number One Killer of Dogs It is all too common to forget that behavior is a science, just like medicine. The number one killer of dogs in this country is bad behavior, not medical issues. However many rescues and adoption shelters forget to mention or emphasize how enrichment, teaching and behavior modification […]

Adopt my Foster Dog Tommy, the Three Legged Wonder

Dog and trainer

Update 08/20/2014 It is very early on and Tommy is still finishing up his medicine and de-stressing from shelter life, his neutering, and amputation but as the only (CDBC) Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Miami I have observed a wonderful family pet. He exhibits no behavioral problems. Of course, […]

The Science of Dog Training

Los Angeles Dog Training Brain

Dog Training is Simple, as Long as You Change Do you want to change or do you want your dog to change when dog training? Los Angeles California families are often surprised to hear that they must change if they want their dog’s behavior to change. Imagine walking unhappily into a psychologist’s office, seeking positive, […]

Dog Walking & Dog Boarding, Miami & Industry Problems

Dog Walking, Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting, Oh My!    What’s wrong with Dogvacay, Rover, Thumbtack and most other dog boarding, dog walking, pet sitting and doggie daycare services? 1-3   There are some great dog walkers/handlers and responsible, knowledgeable dog boarding individuals out there, but the majority are downright scary and disgraceful.4 How is […]

Behavior & Dog Training, Los Angeles, CA

Miami Dog Training and Behavior

Dog Training Commitment Imagine going to a personal trainer and saying, “I want to get in shape and eat healthier.” The trainer would likely put you on a program involving a healthy diet, break down your caloric intake, a rigorous exercise routine, personal coaching, show you the correct mechanics, motions, kinetics, and would provide encouragement […]

Generalization in Dog Training

lay down dog training

Generalization in Dog Training What is dog training generalization and why is it so important? Generalizing a dog’s behavior is the process of reproducing the desired behavior in various environments, settings, and conditions different from the initially trained behavior in the original environment. Generalization is also known as cross contextualization and proofing (with distractions). Check […]

Morals and Ethics of Dog Breeding

Stop Breeding 2

Rescue Don’t Buy “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Here are all of the dog/cat and pet products that we recommend After reading Nancy Kalish’s article in Psychology Today, “It’s National Purebred Dog Day2,” this quote came to mind. She is a professor, author, […]

Sports For Animals or People


Dog sports, breeding, conformation, agility, obedience competition, working dogs…etc., are all so common that many don’t even blink an eye when they are mentioned. But who is looking out for a dogs’ rights and welfare? Some people are in the limelight and are rich, and famous. This often has the benefits of access to the […]

Dogs in Extreme Sports

sky diving dog

A dog is stuffed into a backpack and worn by the pet parent as he base-jumps off a cliff. A dog is hooked up to a sling line and is dangling precariously, thousands of feet above a mountain’s jagged edge, as the owner pulls him over a crevasse. Here’s the kicker, this isn’t a rescue […]

Dog Training and Dog Behavior Certification


(Updated 2020) Dog Behaviorist and Dog Training Certifications Rest assured when you work with Fun Paw Care, not only are you a family member, but you are receiving the most ethical, moral, sophisticated, professional, up-to-date, dog behavior, and dog training, Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles have to offer. Now, I must mention a disclaimer […]

Regulation Banning Shock Collars, Painful Devices and Techniques

Electric Shock

Regarding Miami Beach City Code “Animals” ordinance R5C and R5D in section 10-17 (CERTAIN TECHNIQUES AND DEVICES PROHIBITED: ENFORCEMENT: PENALTIES) and 10-18 (REQUIREMENTS FOR SALES OF DOGS AND CATS; DEFINITIONS; PERMITTED SOURCES; CERTIFICATE OF SOURCE; PENALTIES). This is a great start but leaves much to be desired. A more proactive stance would have been appreciated. […]