Dog Training and Dog Behavior Certification


At Fun Paw Care we teach and take continuing education courses regularly, ranging in topics from ethology and dog training to cognitive ethology and husbandry. We enjoy learning, teaching and being at the forefront of the newest methodologies and research that comes out daily in the science of applied animal behavior. With this passion to […]

Regulation Banning Shock Collars, Painful Devices and Techniques

Electric Shock

Regarding Miami Beach City Code “Animals” ordinance R5C and R5D in section 10-17 (CERTAIN TECHNIQUES AND DEVICES PROHIBITED: ENFORCEMENT: PENALTIES) and 10-18 (REQUIREMENTS FOR SALES OF DOGS AND CATS; DEFINITIONS; PERMITTED SOURCES; CERTIFICATE OF SOURCE; PENALTIES). This is a great start but leaves much to be desired. A more proactive stance would have been appreciated. […]

DLR – What Do Dog Owners Want?

Miami Dog Training – Tip of the Day   How to train a puppy?   The assumption is that someone calls us to receive dog training and behavior advice, counseling and help with all things dogs and cats. However the reality is, many people do not want behavior advice and dog training, they want us […]

Dog Beach Miami Opening (Part 3)

Beach Dog Training Classes, Miami Photo - Fun Paw Care

Dog Beach Miami Opening  (part 3 of 3) Dogs are awesome, but they don’t come with instructions! Pet parents and their furry family require education, coaching and dog training. Miami residents understand this and choose Fun Paw Care to educate their family and dog. Just as with all animals, dogs learn from a lot from […]

Dog Beach Miami Opening (Part 2)

Picture Of Adorable Miami Dog Training On The Beach - Fun Paw Care

Dog Beach Miami (part 2 of 3) Who doesn’t love a day at the beach or dog park! Miami residents sure do and love taking their dogs with them wherever they go! But don’t forget the sunscreen for your pup as well if they have short hair. Here’s looking at you, Boxers! A few other […]

Dog Beach Miami Opening

Picture Of Cute Dog In Bucket At Puppy Training, Miami - Fun Paw Care

Dog Beach Miami Opening (part 1 of 3) It was a beautiful day to open the very first new dog beach in Miami Beach!  Fun Paw Care was present to answer all of Miami pet parent’s questions about dog training and behavior and to join in the festivities. Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine was swimming […]

DLR – KISS Dog Training (part 2)

Dog Training Miami (36)

Dog Training Tip of the Day (Part 2)   KISS Dog Training Los Angeles   The cutest dogs in LA are below all caught impromptu by Fun Paw Care dog trainers and staff. If you like them show your support and share this series and others with your friends. There were just too many gorgeous […]

KISS Training Method

Picture Of Lab In Dog Training Classes Miami - Fun Paw Care

Tip of the Day (Part 1) The KISS Method Have you ever stared wide-eyed and blank-faced at someone as they tried to explain something to you? Maybe while taking Harvard’s Math 551 or Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology? If so, you will understand the retention rate (or lack thereof) after the talking head finishes their […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and Treatment

dog training Los Angeles CA separation anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety How many of you have thought, “My dog follows me everywhere” or “My dog won’t stop scratching at the door when I leave.” Some pet parents think that it’s endearing and cute when their dog is attached to them at the hip, but when it comes time to leave your beloved […]

Dog Trainers in Los Angeles CA Humane Hierarchy of Behavior Change (LIMA)

Dog Trainers in Miami (21)

Dog Trainers in Los Angles CA Tip of the Day Essential to all species is communication, understanding, clarity, empowerment, and compassion.4 These universal traits transcend species, class, group, color, and religion. These are the fundamentals upon which life and learning can flourish in a healthy environment. The glue holding this all together is trust, which […]

(DLR) Miami Dog Training Earth Day

Miami Dog Training (16)

Miami Dog Training Tip of the Day   Earth day, week, month, year… When is it not earth day? At Fun Paw Care it is earth day every day. We are renters of this beautiful planet and want to make the world a better place for our pets, humans and all animals. Our environmental green […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainer Miami 04-12-2014

Dog Trainer Miami

Dog Trainer Miami – Pet Peeve of the Day   Off Leash Dogs in Undesignated Areas   We all want our dogs to run off leash, unencumbered by anything with no restraints, in no danger to themselves or others, with unicorns running up rainbows and leaping over pots of gold but this dream is not […]

How Long Will it Take to Train My Dog? – Dog Training Los Angeles CA

dog training miami

Behavior Modification & Dog Training, Time Differences How Long Will it Take to Train My Dog? This is the most common question we receive. When going to behavior modification consultations and dog and puppy training in Los Angeles California we are cognizant that our affable clients are very busy and notoriously in a rush. Understandably, […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Training Classes Miami (part 2) 04-06-2014

Dog Training Classes Miami (5)

Dog Training Classes Miami – Tip of the Day (Part 2 of 2) When Fun Paw Care dog trainers and staff are out and about looking for the cutest dogs in Miami, we don’t always find the most well behaved dogs in Miami! In fact, most dogs we meet could use some polishing up in […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Training Classes Miami 04-06-2014

Dog Training Classes Miami - Fun paw care

Dog Training Classes Miami – Tip of the Day  (Part 1 of 2) Dog Training is Like Skiing   In order to try out for the Olympic ski team I had to hone my skills while teaching and competing in regional tournaments. I taught the moguls and one thing I learned from teaching was how […]

Dogs of Miami – Miami Dog Training

Dog Training Miami Florida Part 2 01-18-2014--3

The Real House dogs of Miami   My city. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the depth, and breath and refined, eloquent ways….   Oh wait, just kidding. Miami, Miami, Miami. If New York is a zoo, then we are the circus. Due to the wild and wonderful ways […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainers in Miami 03-30-2014

Dog Trainers in Miami (16)

Dog Trainers in Miami – Tip of the Day How to stop my puppy from biting? Puppies are God’s way of saying sorry about all the unsavory characters in humankind. 🙂 But let’s face it; mouthing puppies with razor sharp teeth do not make it fun to be in the presence of these little four-legged […]

Dog Rescue Miami – Puppy Training Miami

Dog rescue Miami, puppy training miami

Dog Rescue Miami – Puppy Training Miami Miami is a city I love, really. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be living here. But Miami is also city I love to critique. Rudeness is regular, intellect is sparse, punctuality is non-existent and refinement is foreign. I’ve had people assume a symphony is a nightclub, and art only appreciated […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainer Miami 03-23-2014

Dog Trainer Miami with Fun paw care

Dog Trainer Miami – Tip of the Day   How long will it take to train a puppy or dog? That is the most common question I receive at Fun Paw Care. I know the question is coming and I hate to say it, but it is impossible to tell and no ethical dog trainer […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Training in Miami 03-16-2014

Dog Training in Miami (10)

Dog Training in Miami – Tip of the Day   Dog training is about establishing a strong, trusting, loving relationship with another species.   Punitive and forceful dog training methods based on punishment, force, bullying, confrontation and fear are associated with stress, health problems, shorter life spans and other negative consequences and also increases the […]