Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and Treatment

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What is Separation Anxiety How many of you have thought, “My dog follows me everywhere” or “My dog won’t stop scratching at the door when I leave.” Some pet parents think that it’s endearing and cute when their dog is attached to them at the hip, but when it comes time to leave your beloved […]

How Long Will it Take to Train My Dog? – Dog Training Los Angeles CA

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Behavior Modification & Dog Training, Time Differences How Long Will it Take to Train My Dog? This is the most common question we receive. When going to behavior modification consultations and dog and puppy training in Los Angeles California we are cognizant that our affable clients are very busy and notoriously in a rush. Understandably, […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainers in Miami 03-30-2014

Puppy Biting

How To Stop Puppy Biting? Help, my puppy won’t stop biting me. Puppies bite hard and have razor-sharp teeth. Puppies are adorable and amazing, but let’s face it; mouthing puppies with razor-sharp teeth do not make it fun to be in the presence of these little four-legged furballs of love and joy. What’s an exasperated […]

Dog Training Cue vs. Command

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Hiring a professional dog trainer or behavior specialist requires trust. That is the most important part of any relationship as everything else is built off this attribute. If there is no honesty and trust, there is nothing. That is the most important aspect of any relationship, whether it is professional or […]

Service Dog Training Responsibilities – Dog Training Los Angeles

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Service Dog Training Companies, Not All Are Created Equal As a service dog training company in Los Angeles, Fun Paw Care takes on a great deal of responsibility for families and individuals with disabilities, educating our community and dogs. We are force-free trainers, (CDBC) Certified Dog Behavior Consultants, Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) and stay […]

5 Simple Ways to Choose a Dog Trainer ~ Dog Training in Miami

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Dog Training in Miami, Pet Professionals   While dog training in Miami I come across a lot of misinformation, myths and ignorance steeped in the “pet professional” community. There is a plethora of peer reviewed scientific studies and data listed below for those interested in reading about the science of dog behavior and dog training. […]

Dog Collars & Techniques ~ Dog Training Miami

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Dog Collars & Techniques Ahhh, it’s been a while… I took a much-needed break from writing. I have been focusing on ethology (animal behavior) and my dog training Los Angeles clients so my writing schedule was limited. I am glad to be back in the writer’s seat. The optimist in me believes that as time goes […]

Why Dogs Bark – Dog Training Los Angeles

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Dog Training Nonsense Promoted by Ignorant Media In a recent article about how to stop my dog from barking and why dogs bark was written by Stanley Coren of Psychology Today, the author gives some pretty awful, antiquated dog training advice. The article covered a great topic that many people face, yet failed to deliver […]

Dogs Are Equipment & Property? – Dog Trainer Los Angeles

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It is sad, That military working dogs are considered equipment and our pets are considered property. While speaking with another Fun Paw Care dog trainer in Los Angeles, we were discussing the appalling laws regarding our pets and other sentient being in this country.  When I speak with clients about how they should have their […]

The Pets’ Trust Direction – Dog Trainer

Pets' Trust and Cesar Millian

Pets’ Trust off the Rails? Many of you have noticed Fun Paw Care’s (FPC) silence after ardently supporting the Pets’ Trust (PT) and educating the community during last year’s election. Remaining in a taciturn state is not one of my strong points. The reason for my silence was that we were waiting to see how […]

Pet Store and Puppy Mill Dogs – Dog Trainer in Los Angeles CA

Do not buy pet store dogs

Puppy Stores: Where Not to Buy Puppies From Many people cannot resist the urge to buy a dog or cat from a puppy (mill) store or online where the unscrupulous, unethical purveyors display dogs and cats like shiny inanimate objects. The real problem occurs once the dog comes home with a family and the costly […]

Doggie Daycare Problems (Part 3) – Dog Trainer Miami

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Dog Daycare Suitability for Dogs In Fun Paw Care’s final series about dog daycare, kennels, and dog boarding in Los Angeles, we discuss the suitability of these environments for pets. Dog daycare is not suitable or appropriate for most dogs. Most daycare facilities are primarily concerned with profits and not the health or well being […]

Roots & Shoots Jane Goodall Teams up with Russell Hartstein of Fun Paw Care

Dr. Jane Goodall's change 1

Roots & Shoots and Fun Paw Care   There are very few times in life when you get to meet a hero. Dr. Jane Goodall is thrice a hero of humanity, animals and the environment. When she came to Miami and asked if I would work with Roots & Shoots to choose a charity of […]

Dog Daycare Problems (Part 2) – Dog Daycare Los Angeles

Doggie Daycare Los Angeles CA

Dog Daycare Things to Look for: There are simply too many situations or reasons to mention why a great dog daycare would be healthy for your dog and why a poor dog daycare would be unhelpful or downright harmful for your dog. We think the cons for most dog daycares substantially outweigh the pros in […]

Dog Daycare Problems – Dog Daycare Los Angeles

Doggie Daycare Los Angeles CA

Dog Daycare Pitfalls A friend and client had asked me to watch over their gorgeous dog whom I previously trained very well when he was a puppy. I was very excited to see him and to see how well he was doing. When I first saw him he was wearing his standard flat buckle collar […]

The Mechanics of Dog Training

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The Sport of Dog Training When I was a child, I wasn’t thinking about owning a dog training and pet service business in Los Angeles California. I wanted to play basketball just like Michael Jordan; I would watch him jump so high, run so fast, expertly shoot a ball from 30 feet away (nothing but net) into a […]

“Pit Bulls” & Irresponsible Journalism

Pit Bulls bites

“Pit Bulls” Bad Rap From Half-Truths & Uninformed Journalists Fun Paw Care is a big fan of freedom of speech. In the United States, it is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and one of the greatest rewards of having your own blog. As a Los Angeles certified professional dog trainer (CPDT) […]

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race Kills Dogs In the Name of Tradition

Iditarod Dorado Dies

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race Kills Dogs In the Name of Tradition As an author,  Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), I feel compelled to respond to a recent article about Dorada, an Alaskan Husky who recently dropped dead because of the Iditarod dog sled race. Author Mark Derr of Psychology Today […]

What is Desensitization & Counterconditioning

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(Updated 2020) How to Desensitize and Countercondition a Dog in 5 Easy Steps Introduce a fear evoking stimulus in a controlled environment at a very low amplitude and or proximity Pair that stimulus with a very high food reward Do this for several iterations until you see your dog’s emotion change, from unsure/concerned to happy/excited […]

How To Capture A Stray Dog?

Rescuing a stray dog

How To Capture A Stray Dog? (Updated 2020) Check out our dog training Los Angeles services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the world! See all of the dog training products and tools we recommend for […]