Best Veterinarians in Miami

Best veterinarians in Miami

Best Veterinarians in Miami   What makes a veterinarian, their staff or their office great?  In visiting hundreds of veterinarians in Miami and around the country there are stark differences between not only the education of each of the veterinarians but between the staff and their office spaces as well.  Here are some questions and […]

Dog Joy or Dog Pain: Miami Dog Training

Dog Joy or Dog Pain: Los Angeles Dog Training I appreciate science and facts because even the most pugnacious, intransigent, ignoramus will be hard-pressed to argue. If the data changes, so do scientists. Many pet parents may not realize this, but they have the power to choose a relationship with their dog built on fear, […]

“Random” Canine Aggression (part 2)

  In our first article about  Random” Canine Aggression, we discussed issues not only pertaining to Los Angeles dog training, but training, behavior, and dog aggression at large and how it initiates, propagates and flourishes.   Here are some changes that may be made to help prevent bites in the public sphere and in your own […]

Dog Training Certification, Certificates & Affiliations (part 2)

Los Angeles, CA Dog Training

(Part 2 of a 3 part series) How To Choose A Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist Indicators that should tip you off to move on and find another dog trainer in David Letterman fashion: If your dog trainer and behavior specialist is not certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and the […]

Cesar Millan the “Dog Whisperer”

Cesar Millan dog training

The “Dog Whisperer Abuser” Cesar Millan the autodidact “Dog Whisperer Abuser” is an easy punching bag. He’s a reality television show host, stuck in the 1930s spewing out dominance theory, dangerous and aversive training “advice” to viewers on the shameful National Geographic channel. Cesar doesn’t practice humane and more effective, positive reinforcement dog training or follow […]