Dog Potty Training

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Dog Potty Training Guide (Updated 2020)    Here are all of the dog/puppy/cat/kitten and pet products that we recommend Check out our dog training services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the world! Why is potty training […]

9 Dog Training & Class Time Management Tips

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Dog Training Tips and Time Management When training canines, time management is ultra-important. It is what separates great dog trainers from mediocre ones. Time and timing are the utmost important factors in just about every dog training class or private session scenario. Without good timing, you are confusing your dog and families at best. I […]

DLR – What Do Dog Owners Want?

Miami Dog Training – Tip of the Day   How to train a puppy?   The assumption is that someone calls us to receive dog training and behavior advice, counseling and help with all things dogs and cats. However the reality is, many people do not want behavior advice and dog training, they want us […]

What is Desensitization & Counterconditioning

counterconditioning & desensitization

How to Desensitize and Countercondition a Dog in 5 Easy Steps Introduce a fear evoking stimulus in a controlled environment at a very low amplitude and or proximity Pair that stimulus with a very high food reward Do this for several iterations until you see your dog’s emotion change, from unsure/concerned to happy/excited when hearing, […]

Celebrity Miami Dog Training

Celebrity Miami dog trainer

Here at Fun Paw Care we counsel many celebrities in the world of entertainment, business, fashion and society about dog training and behavior both with four legs and two. We want to highlight and send a warm thank you to my friends Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin for ensuring that they receive the best dog training and […]