Dogs in the City (Part 2)

Dog Space Problem?   When I hear someone opine how much they love dogs but don’t have enough space to take care of one, I wonder, is this a space problem or a laziness problem? Although there are many unique challenges to raising dogs in the city, space does not have to be one of […]

Dog Park Etiquette (part two)

Dog Parks Miami

Dog Parks Etiquette (Part 2) Here are some more dog park Miami etiquette guidelines for pet parents and their dogs. Inappropriate Dog Behavior While in the dog park, how often do you watch your pup playing and having a great time when the chronic humper comes along and is hip thrusting your dog and every […]

Dog Training Certification, Certificates & Affiliations (part 1)

Los Angeles, CA Dog Training

What Differentiates One Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist From Another?  Fun Paw Care is keenly aware that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, behaviorist or make a website, so what differentiates one dog trainer from another? The world of dog training is rife with fly-by-night startups, people dog training part-time, people watching a dog […]

Miami Dog Training & Pet Care Services

Hot day for dog walking

Miami Dog Training & Pet Care Services   Geographical locations matter a great deal when considering the health and training of a pet.  Fun Paw Care has services are in South Florida where it is frequently hot, humid and intensely sunny.  In addition flooding and frequent lightning and thunderstorms are common.  These are just some […]

Humane Societies, Shelters & Animal Rescue Organizations (part 1)

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What is a shelter or a foster program to do? How can they succeed and get all types of breeds, energy and training levels, exercised, trained and make each loving animal adoptable?  It is critical to bring out the best in each dog to make them shine although in most shelters and facilities the opposite […]

Tips For Dog Walking

Dog Walking Miami   One of the questions I get asked quite often by clients for Miami dog walking is how should I walk my dog?  Walking your dog should be pleasant for both you and your dog. It is your time to bond and to explore your relationship in nature together. Before I begin […]