Dog Beach Miami Opening (Part 3)

Beach Dog Training Classes, Miami Photo - Fun Paw Care

Dog Beach Miami Opening  (part 3 of 3) Dogs are awesome, but they don’t come with instructions! Pet parents and their furry family require education, coaching and dog training. Miami residents understand this and choose Fun Paw Care to educate their family and dog. Just as with all animals, dogs learn from a lot from […]

Dog Beach Miami Opening (Part 2)

Picture Of Adorable Miami Dog Training On The Beach - Fun Paw Care

Dog Beach Miami (part 2 of 3) Who doesn’t love a day at the beach or dog park! Miami residents sure do and love taking their dogs with them wherever they go! But don’t forget the sunscreen for your pup as well if they have short hair. Here’s looking at you, Boxers! A few other […]

Dog Beach Miami Opening

Picture Of Cute Dog In Bucket At Puppy Training, Miami - Fun Paw Care

Dog Beach Miami Opening (part 1 of 3) It was a beautiful day to open the very first new dog beach in Miami Beach!  Fun Paw Care was present to answer all of Miami pet parent’s questions about dog training and behavior and to join in the festivities. Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine was swimming […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainer Miami 04-12-2014

Dog Trainer Miami

Dog Trainer Miami – Pet Peeve of the Day   Off Leash Dogs in Undesignated Areas   We all want our dogs to run off leash, unencumbered by anything with no restraints, in no danger to themselves or others, with unicorns running up rainbows and leaping over pots of gold but this dream is not […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainer Miami 03-23-2014

Dog Trainer Miami with Fun paw care

Dog Trainer Miami – Tip of the Day   How long will it take to train a puppy or dog? That is the most common question I receive at Fun Paw Care. I know the question is coming and I hate to say it, but it is impossible to tell and no ethical dog trainer […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainer Miami (part 2) 01-05-2014

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Dog Trainer Miami (Part 2) I am a behavior specialist and dog trainer based in Miami Florida but my photography and editing skills can use some work. In particular weeding out and throwing away duplicate pictures of beautiful dogs! I have a difficult time throwing away any pictures because I love them all. So I may […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Trainer Miami 01-01-2014

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Dog Trainer Miami I met some pretty funny and quirky dogs to start the New Year. I know most of them would benefit from our dog trainer Miami classes, but I won’t mention names. Watch these gorgeous dogs and puppies saunter down the runway in their cute little doggie outfits.   Share, like and vote […]

Dogs Are Equipment & Property? – Dog Trainer Miami

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It is sad, yet fact that military working dogs are considered equipment and our pets are considered property. While speaking with another Fun Paw Care dog trainer in Los Angeles, we were discussing the appalling laws regarding our pets and other sentient being in this country.  When I speak with clients about how they should […]

The Pets’ Trust Direction – Dog Trainer Miami

Pets' Trust and Cesar Millian

Pets’ Trust off the Rails? Many of you have noticed Fun Paw Care’s (FPC) silence after ardently supporting the Pets’ Trust (PT) and educating the community during last year’s election. Remaining in a taciturn state is not one of my strong points. The reason for my silence was that we were waiting to see how […]

Doggie Daycare Problems (Part 3) – Dog Trainer Miami

Doggie Daycare Los Angeles CA

Doggie Daycare Suitability for Dogs In Fun Paw Care’s final series about doggie daycare, kennels, and hotel dog boarding in Los Angeles and Miami, we discuss the suitability of these environments for pets. Doggie daycare is not suitable or appropriate for most dogs. Most daycare facilities are primarily concerned with profits and not the health or […]

Doggie Daycare Problems (Part 2) – Dog Trainer Miami

Doggie Daycare Los Angeles CA

Doggie Daycare Things to Look for: There are simply too many situations or reasons to mention why doggie day care would be unhelpful or downright harmful for your dog to mention. We think the cons substantially outweigh the pros in many situations. Some of the modus operandi and many shortfalls and questions to ask of […]

Doggie Daycare Problems – Dog Trainer Miami

Doggie Daycare Los Angeles CA

Doggie Daycare Pitfalls A friend and client had asked me to watch over their gorgeous dog whom I previously trained very well when he was a puppy. I was very excited to see him and to see how well he was doing. When I first saw him he was wearing his standard flat buckle collar […]

Miami Group Dog Training

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Dog Trainer in Miami, Broward & Palm Beach   Fun Paw Care is now offering semi-private group dog training in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach. Our Miami dog trainers are the best science-based, positive reinforcement, force free, educated trainers in South Florida. We offer Miami dog training and behavior modification, Broward Dog Training and behavior […]