Cesar Millan the “Dog Whisperer”

Cesar Millan dog training

The “Dog Whisperer Abuser” Cesar Millan the autodidact “Dog Whisperer Abuser” is an easy punching bag. He’s a reality television show host, stuck in the 1930s spewing out dominant, dangerous and aversive training “advice” to viewers on the shameful National Geographic channel. Cesar doesn’t practice humane and more effective, positive reinforcement dog training or follow the […]

Why your dog won’t come when called

dog running

“Why dogs don’t listen” is a constant dog training question I receive.  Guardians want their dogs to listen when called whether in the home and or on a dog walk; owners don’t like being ignored.  How can I get my dog to come or to listen to me?  When I see the interaction between the […]