Dogs in the City (Part 2)

Dog Space Problem?   When I hear someone opine how much they love dogs but don’t have enough space to take care of one, I wonder, is this a space problem or a laziness problem? Although there are many unique challenges to raising dogs in the city, space does not have to be one of […]

Dog Park Etiquette

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Dog Park Etiquette Dog park Los Angeles etiquette guidelines for pet parents and their dogs. (Updated 2020) Here are all of the dog park training equipment and products that we recommend Pet Parent Awareness How many times have you been in a dog park or a dog beach, and you glance around and pet parents […]

My Dog Only Listens When I Have Treats

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Dog Training is Not Dog Bribing (Updated 2020) Here are all of the dog/cat and pet products that we recommend Does your dog only become compliant once the refrigerator door opens up, or when you are in the kitchen?  When you ask your dog to sit or lay down does he looks at you like you’re […]

Should I Let my Dog Sleep in my Bed

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Occasionally I get called to a behavior or dog training client’s home and there seems to be tension in the human relationship. Often, it involves dog raising issues, how to raise a dog, what rules they should enforce and what they feel is permissible in the household. Just as with child rearing, raising a pup […]

How to Stop my Dog from Jumping on People

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How to Stop my Dog from Jumping on People Do you come home after being out for a while to find your dog jumping all over you?  When you have guests come over is your dog the first one to greet them at the door with a welcoming display of annoying jumps?  This is undoubtedly […]

Humane Societies, Shelters & Animal Rescue’s (part 2)

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Humane Societies, Shelters & Animal Rescue’s Part 2 Ideas for change: It’s clear that there is a need for improvement. For lap dogs with very mellow temperaments, there is not a problem either in adopting them our or having them show well.  What is needed is an efficient Foster program; everything should be efficient, simple, […]

Humane Societies, Shelters & Animal Rescue Organizations (part 1)

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What is a shelter or a foster program to do? How can they succeed and get all types of breeds, energy and training levels, exercised, trained and make each loving animal adoptable?  It is critical to bring out the best in each dog to make them shine although in most shelters and facilities the opposite […]

The Top Ten Reasons To Train Your Dog

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How many of the millions of dogs that are killed every year in shelters and rescue organizations come from homes where owners never thought to train or socializing their dogs? Too many. Most of the dogs I see in shelters and rescue organizations are there because the dogs got too big after growing up, or […]

Tips For Dog Walking

Dog Walking Tips   One of the questions I get asked quite often by clients for Los Angeles dog walking is how should I walk my dog?  Walking your dog should be pleasant for both you and your dog. It is your time to bond and explore your relationship in nature together. Before I begin […]