Dog Training and Dog Behavior Certification


At Fun Paw Care we teach and take continuing education courses regularly, ranging in topics from ethology and dog training to cognitive ethology and husbandry. We enjoy learning, teaching and being at the forefront of the newest methodologies and research that comes out daily in the science of applied animal behavior. With this passion to […]

Dog Training Certification, Certificates & Affiliations (part 3)

Los Angeles, CA Dog Training

Dog Training Certification What does a dog training certification mean and what are the barriers to entry to become a dog trainer? Sadly, there are no barriers to entry in the field of dog behavior or training, therefore anyone can hang a sign on their door or put up a website and purport to help […]

Dog Training Certification, Certificates & Affiliations (part 1)

Los Angeles, CA Dog Training

What Differentiates One Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist From Another?  Fun Paw Care is keenly aware that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, behaviorist or make a website, so what differentiates one dog trainer from another? The world of dog training is rife with fly-by-night startups, people dog training part-time, people watching a dog […]