Pet Store and Puppy Mill Dogs – Dog Trainer in Miami

Do not buy pet store dogs

Puppy Stores: Where Not to Buy Puppies From Many people cannot resist the urge to buy a dog or cat from a puppy (mill) store or online where the unscrupulous, unethical purveyors display dogs and cats like shiny inanimate objects. The real problem occurs once the dog comes home with you and the costly lifelong […]

What is Desensitization & Counterconditioning

counterconditioning & desensitization

How to Desensitize and Countercondition a Dog in 5 Easy Steps Introduce a fear evoking stimulus in a controlled environment at a very low amplitude and or proximity Pair that stimulus with a very high food reward Do this for several iterations until you see your dog’s emotion change, from unsure/concerned to happy/excited when hearing, […]