Dog Training and Family Participation

Tennis ball hits dog in the head

Sabotage Dog Training I get many calls around this time of year for dog training. Miami families adopt pets for the holidays, and everyone is happy and hopeful. However, when one person gets a dog as a surprise for a loved one or when one family member does not want a dog, and another does, […]

Help, I’ve Poisoned My Dog’s Cue!

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Yikes, I’ve Poisoned My Dogs Cue! What the heck does that mean?! Poisoning anything sounds dangerous and nefarious which is why so many dog trainers and clients don’t realize or want even to think that they may have poisoned their dog training cues – gasp! Sounds dangerous! Should I see the vet? No… The good […]

14 Things Your Dog Trainer Wishes You Knew

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14 Things Your Dog Trainer Wishes You Knew So you want to be a great dog training student or client? Of course, you do, who doesn’t. Every pet parent needs to know a few essentials in order to cohabitate with their best friend and new family member. Learning the basics of dog body language and […]

Journalistic Integrity and Dogs

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Dogs and Journalists, Oh My!   Have you ever played the game, how many inaccuracies can you find in one article by large media outlet newspaper? It is fun but quite sad. This is not to single out a specific newspaper but to focus on the systemic problem affecting media and journalists today. It is […]

Adopt my Foster Dog Tommy, the Three Legged Wonder

Dog and trainer

Update 08/20/2014 It is very early on and Tommy is still finishing up his medicine and de-stressing from shelter life, his neutering and amputation but as the only (CDBC) Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Miami I have observed a wonderful family pet. He exhibits no behavioral problems. Of course […]

Generalization in Dog Training

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Generalization in Dog Training What is dog training generalization and why is it so important? Generalizing a dog’s behavior is the process of reproducing the desired behavior in various environments, settings, and conditions different from the initially trained behavior in the original environment. Generalization is also known as cross contextualization and proofing (with distractions). Check […]

Morals and Ethics of Dog Breeding

Stop Breeding 2

Rescue Don’t Buy “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. After reading Nancy Kalish’s article in Psychology Today, “It’s National Purebred Dog Day2,” this quote came to mind. She is a professor, author, and psychologist who blatantly displays her lack of compassion and ignorance […]

DLR – KISS Dog Training (part 2)

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Dog Training Tip of the Day (Part 2)   KISS Dog Training Los Angeles   The cutest dogs in LA are below all caught impromptu by Fun Paw Care dog trainers and staff. If you like them show your support and share this series and others with your friends. There were just too many gorgeous […]

KISS Training Method

Picture Of Lab In Dog Training Classes Miami - Fun Paw Care

Tip of the Day (Part 1) The KISS Method Have you ever stared wide-eyed and blank-faced at someone as they tried to explain something to you? Maybe while taking Harvard’s Math 551 or Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology? If so, you will understand the retention rate (or lack thereof) after the talking head finishes their […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Causes and Treatment

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What is Separation Anxiety How many of you have thought, “My dog follows me everywhere” or “My dog won’t stop scratching at the door when I leave.” Some pet parents think that it’s endearing and cute when their dog is attached to them at the hip, but when it comes time to leave your beloved […]

Dog Rescue Miami – Puppy Training Miami

Dog rescue Miami, puppy training miami

Dog Rescue Miami – Puppy Training Miami Miami is a city I love, really. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be living here. But Miami is also city I love to critique. Rudeness is regular, intellect is sparse, punctuality is non-existent and refinement is foreign. I’ve had people assume a symphony is a nightclub, and art only appreciated […]

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind–Dog Training Miami (part 4) 03-16-2014

Dog Training Miami (33)

Dog Training Miami – Tip of the Day (Part 4 of 4) Everyone supports Miami service dogs! The lovely commissioner Sally A. Heyman came out with her dogs and dog lovers from all over and service dog trainers in Miami all took part in the festivities.   Fun paw Care’s service dog trainers had a […]

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind–Dog Training Miami (part 3) 03-16-2014

Dog Training Miami (22)

Dog Training Miami – Tip of the Day (Part 3 of 4) When you have this many gorgeous service dogs, Miami has a parade! All for a great cause of course!  The Lighthouse for the Blind is raising money to train and raise seeing eye dogs. Service dogs come in many different shapes and sizes […]

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind–Dog Training Miami (part 2) 03-16-2014

Dog Training Miami (53)

Dog Training Miami – Tip of the Day (Part 2 of 4)   How much is that doggie in the window? That is how puppy mills want you to behave. The general public is catching on to the sneaky tactics, lobbyist and funding behind the abusive puppy mill machine and back yard breeding industry. The […]

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind–Dog Training Miami 03-16-2014

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Dog Training Miami – Tip of the Day (Part 1 0f 4) One pet peeve I hear too often is, “I don’t want to adopt a dog I want to buy one from a breeder [most breeders are puppy mills]. If I rescue or adopt a dog I will have to train them and they […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Training Miami 01-11-2014

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Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Training Miami 01-11-2014 Wow! What a variety of dogs I have seen this weekend. Dog training Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Florida sessions usually offer a variety of both pure breeds and mixed, but the menagerie of pups on the streets is a blessing to be seen. Often times, […]

Service Dog Training Responsibilities – Dog Training Miami

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Service Dog Training Companies, Not All Are Created Equal As a service dog training company in Los Angeles, Fun Paw Care takes on a great deal of responsibility for families and individuals with disabilities, educating our community and dogs. We are force-free trainers, (CDBC) Certified Dog Behavior Consultants, Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) and stay […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Dog Training Miami 12-30-2013

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Dog Training Miami   Many of these dogs will want to be a part of our dog training Miami classes. The holidays didn’t deter these little puppies and older dogs from coming out to strut their stuff! Some more well behaved then others, but all gorgeous! Watch as they wag and wiggle their furry little […]

Dog Collars & Techniques ~ Dog Training Miami

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Dog Collars & Techniques Ahhh, it’s been a while… I took a much needed break from writing. I have been focusing on ethology (animal behavior) and my dog training Miami clients so my writing schedule was limited. I am glad to be back in the writer’s seat. The optimist in me believes that as time […]

Why Dogs Bark – Dog Training Miami

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Dog Training Nonsense Promoted by Ignorant Media In a recent article about how to stop my dog from barking and why dogs bark titled “The Barking Dog Blues: Why Dogs Bark and What to Do About It” written by Stanley Coren of Psychology Today, the author gives some pretty awful, antiquated advice. The article covered […]