My Dog Only Listens When I Have Treats

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Dog Training is Not Dog Bribing   Does your dog only become compliant once the refrigerator door opens up, or when you are in the kitchen?  You ask your dog to sit or lay down and he looks at you like you are crazy and like he/she has better things to do and can’t be […]

Should I Let my Dog Sleep in my Bed

does your dog sleep on your bed

Occasionally I get called to a behavior or dog training client’s home and there seems to be tension in the human relationship. Often, it involves dog raising issues, how to raise a dog, what rules they should enforce and what they feel is permissible in the household. Just as with child rearing, raising a pup […]

Do Dogs Dream

Do dogs dream

Dog Dreaming   During a Miami dog training session the other day, a cue little boy asked me if dogs dreamt. It caught me off guard because I thought it was universally obvious. “Why of course they do” I answered and luckily he did not grill me for scientific proof on the spot. He was […]

When Your Dog Dies

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When Your Dog Dies  There comes a time when the inevitable will occur, your dog or cat has died, or you have to put them down.  You knew the time was coming; you could see it in their eyes.  Your pet’s health was diminishing, and it was becoming frighteningly clear what had to be done.  […]

Dogs In The City

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Dogs in the city Growing up in a suburb or an urban environment offers different challenges and concerns for dog training and pet care. Dog training in Miami and South Florida presents some glaringly different concerns in juxtaposition to dog training and dog walking in more suburban and urban environments.  Miami, for the most part, […]

What Dog Is Right for Me

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What Dog Is Right for Me So, you have concluded that you would like to share and enhance your life with a dog and you would like to know what dog to get?  Where do you begin now?  There are numerous things to prepare for and research before bringing your new puppy or older dog […]

Abuse of The Service Dog Title

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Abuse of the Service Dog Title Fun Paw Care receives daily calls to our Los Angeles dog training office on how one can get their beloved, untrained, ill-mannered pet (not a working animal) a service dog certification/designation. When I ask them what disability they would like the service dog to mitigate or help them with, the […]

How to Stop my Dog from Jumping on People

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How to Stop my Dog from Jumping on People Do you come home after being out for a while to find your dog jumping all over you?  When you have guests come over is your dog the first one to greet them at the door with a welcoming display of annoying jumps?  This is undoubtedly […]

How do I Stop my Dog from Chewing Everything

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How do I Stop my Dog from Chewing Everything?   Do you ever walk in the door after a long day of work and you just want to cuddle up with your dog and have some peace and quiet?  But instead, when you walk in the door your house looks like it was burglarized. Your […]

Miami Dog Training & Pet Care Services

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Miami Dog Training & Pet Care Services   Geographical locations matter a great deal when considering the health and training of a pet.  Fun Paw Care has services are in South Florida where it is frequently hot, humid and intensely sunny.  In addition flooding and frequent lightning and thunderstorms are common.  These are just some […]

Dog Training, Dog Walking & Technology

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When I started dog training more than two decades ago, the product choices were minimal.  For dog walking and dog training it was common to use choke chains, ropes, buckle collars or whatever you had lying around the house for leashes or collars.  It really is amazing to think how little research was done on canines […]

The Power of a Dog or Cat to Change Your Mood

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Pets Are Great For Your Health It was a gloomy rainy day out and I wasn’t looking forward to venturing out into the rain and wind. That is until I saw my first Fort Lauderdale dog training client for the day and their gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog smothered me with kisses and was the happiest dog […]