DLR – What Do Dog Owners Want?

Miami Dog Training – Tip of the Day   How to train a puppy?   The assumption is that someone calls us to receive dog training and behavior advice, counseling and help with all things dogs and cats. However the reality is, many people do not want behavior advice and dog training, they want us […]

(DLR) Miami Dog Training Earth Day

Miami Dog Training (16)

Miami Dog Training Tip of the Day   Earth day, week, month, year… When is it not earth day? At Fun Paw Care it is earth day every day. We are renters of this beautiful planet and want to make the world a better place for our pets, humans and all animals. Our environmental green […]

Dogs of Miami – Miami Dog Training

Dog Training Miami Florida Part 2 01-18-2014--3

The Real House dogs of Miami   My city. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the depth, and breath and refined, eloquent ways….   Oh wait, just kidding. Miami, Miami, Miami. If New York is a zoo, then we are the circus. Due to the wild and wonderful ways […]

Dogs of Lincoln Road – Miami Dog Training 01-17-2014

Miami Dog Training 01-17-2014 Talk about fashionistas!! Our Miami dog training sessions always see the poshest little cuties on their way to being the most well-behaved, well-mannered gentlemen and ladies. Today’s dogs on frenetic Lincoln Road needed a lot of dog training and behavior modification help. Dog Training South Florida Tip of The Day It […]

Another Reason to Ban Abusive Dog Tail Docking – Miami Dog Training

Miami Dog Training, Tail Docking

Ban Abusive Dog Tail Docking – Miami Dog Training This year, even more research1-3 shows how tail docking is detrimental to a dog’s ability to communicate fully and effectively.  As if we needed any more reasons, new scientific research1-3 shows how tail docking can be detrimental to your dog’s conspecific social communication. In this incredible […]

The Pets’ Trust Direction – Dog Trainer Miami

Pets' Trust and Cesar Millian

Pets’ Trust off the Rails? Many of you have noticed Fun Paw Care’s (FPC) silence after ardently supporting the Pets’ Trust (PT) and educating the community during last year’s election. Remaining in a taciturn state is not one of my strong points. The reason for my silence was that we were waiting to see how […]

Doggie Daycare Problems (Part 3) – Dog Trainer Miami

Doggie Daycare Los Angeles CA

Doggie Daycare Suitability for Dogs In Fun Paw Care’s final series about doggie daycare, kennels, and hotel dog boarding in Los Angeles and Miami, we discuss the suitability of these environments for pets. Doggie daycare is not suitable or appropriate for most dogs. Most daycare facilities are primarily concerned with profits and not the health or […]

Roots & Shoots and Fun Paw Care – Miami Dog Training

Dr. Jane Goodall's change 1

Roots & Shoots and Fun Paw Care   There are a very few times in life when you get to meet a hero. Dr. Jane Goodall is thrice a hero of humanity, animals and the environment. When she came to Miami and asked if Fun Paw Care would work with Roots & Shoots to choose […]

Throw Away Your Dog’s Food Bowl

No Dog Bowl

Pros & Cons of Stuffed Toys & Interactive Food Games (Updated 2019) Should you throw away your pet’s food bowl as Fun Paw Care, contemporary ethologists and up-to-date certified behaviorists and dog trainers advocate doing? I was with one of my clients and their gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog named Charlie (name changed) who is a […]

Pet Ownership: Right or Privilege? (Part 2)

Is Dog Ownership a Right or Privilege?

Is Pet “Ownership” a Basic Human Right or a Privilege? If you haven’t read part 1 of, is Pet “Ownership” a Right or Privilege, now would be a good time to do so. For all of us that makeup Fun Paw Care this is a rhetorical question because it is so obvious that being a […]

Pets’ Trust Blog/Vlog: Dog Training Miami

Does life mean something to you? It does also for our animals! Don’t be a fool, vote Yes on # 240 Pets Trust Miami

Pets’ Trust Follow Up: Dog Training Miami   It doesn’t happen very often that I feel there is something to be proud of here in Miami, but this is one of those rare moments and a great first step for Miami, a municipality that is not known for its progressive nature, animal rights laws or […]

Best Veterinarians in Miami

Best veterinarians in Miami

Best Veterinarians in Miami   What makes a veterinarian, their staff or their office great?  In visiting hundreds of veterinarians in Miami and around the country there are stark differences between not only the education of each of the veterinarians but between the staff and their office spaces as well.  Here are some questions and […]

Dog Joy or Dog Pain: Miami Dog Training

Dog Joy or Dog Pain: Los Angeles Dog Training I appreciate science and facts because even the most pugnacious, intransigent, ignoramus will be hard pressed to argue. If the data changes, so do scientists. Many pet parents may not realize this, but they have the power to choose a relationship with their dog built on […]

Dogs in the City (Part 2)

Dog Space Problem?   When I hear someone opine how much they love dogs but don’t have enough space to take care of one, I wonder, is this a space problem or a laziness problem? Although there are many unique challenges to raising dogs in the city, space does not have to be one of […]

“Random” Canine Aggression (part 2)

(Part two of a two part series) (Dog owner and guardian are used interchangeably through this article)   In our first article about “Random” Canine Aggression, we discussed issues not only pertaining to Miami dog training, but training, behavior and dog aggression at large and how it initiates, propagates and flourishes.   Here are some changes […]

“Random” Canine Aggression (part 1)

(Part one of a two part series) (Dog owner and guardian are used interchangeably through this article)   Is there such thing as “random” canine aggression?  In the dog training world “good” advice gets passed around like a bottle of whisky in a homeless shelter.  To the untrained eye it may appear that canine aggression […]

Is My Dog Obese

My dog is Obese

Is My Dog Obese   Is Dog Obesity a Crime?  I am not averse to providing my opinion on many subjects pertaining to the voiceless crowd (AKA, animals) so how is it that feeding ones pet non-stop (“Obie” the morbidly obese Dachshund), at the pet’s demand and will, is considered responsible?  What is “the line” […]

Dog Discrimination Laws

I am a friendly boy

Dog Training in Miami and Similarities in Human Psychology   Through the filter of our Miami dog training eye, who do you think wrote this and why do you think this pertains to Miami (hint: and other BSL/ BDL municipalities)? It wasn’t written for the pet industry or about any specific dog or breed.   Overreaction […]

Money, Happiness, Nature and Pets

Dog Training in the park

Money, Happiness, Nature and Pets A day does not go by when an animal or element of nature does not put a smile on my face.  As a young boy living in New York, making pilgrimages to central park was my idea of nature.  I always felt so at home, a sense of peace, calm […]

Pit Bull Fears

Irrational Pit Bull Fears There’s an ignoramus among us.  While volunteering to educate residents of Miami Dade before the recent elections to rid this county of discrimination and the killing of innocent dogs, you wouldn’t believe what the predominant response was.  It went something like this, “If we allow ‘Pit Bulls,’ all of these gang […]