Dog Park Etiquette (part two)

Dog Parks Miami

Dog Parks Etiquette (Part 2) Here are some more dog park Miami etiquette guidelines for pet parents and their dogs. Inappropriate Dog Behavior While in the dog park, how often do you watch your pup playing and having a great time when the chronic humper comes along and is hip thrusting your dog and every […]

Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Parks Miami

Dog Parks Miami Etiquette (Part 1) Pet Parent Awareness Don’t you hate it when you are in the dog park, and you glance around and parents are engaged in a conversation completely ignoring their dog’s whereabouts, or they are reading a book utterly oblivious to what is going on?  Perhaps they are on their phone […]

Dogs In The City

Miami dog training and dog walking

Dogs in the city Growing up in a suburb or an urban environment offers different challenges and concerns for dog training and pet care. Dog training in Miami and South Florida presents some glaringly different concerns in juxtaposition to dog training and dog walking in more suburban and urban environments.  Miami, for the most part, […]