Pet Ownership: Right or Privilege? (Part 2)

Is Dog parenting a Right or Privilege?

Is Pet “Ownership” a Basic Human Right or a Privilege? If you haven’t read part 1 of, is Pet “Ownership” a Right or Privilege, now would be a good time to do so. For all of us that makeup Fun Paw Care this is a rhetorical question because it is so obvious that being a […]

“Random” Canine Aggression (part 1)

(Part one of a two part series) (Dog owner and guardian are used interchangeably through this article)   Is there such thing as “random” canine aggression?  In the dog training world “good” advice gets passed around like a bottle of whisky in a homeless shelter.  To the untrained eye it may appear that canine aggression […]

Dangerous Dog Foods

Dangerous Foods for Dogs (Updated 2020)  Here are all of the dog/cat treats, foods and pet products that we recommend Check out our dog training services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the world! While out dog […]