Another Reason to Ban Abusive Dog Tail Docking – Miami Dog Training

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Ban Abusive Dog Tail Docking – Miami Dog Training This year, even more research1-3 shows how tail docking is detrimental to a dog’s ability to communicate fully and effectively.  As if we needed any more reasons, new scientific research1-3 shows how tail docking can be detrimental to your dog’s conspecific social communication. In this incredible […]

AKC, Hoax (part 2)

AKC Sham

AKC, Hoax (Part 2) Sleeping With the Enemy? I don’t have to go into great detail for the general public to know how much harm and destruction puppy mills inflict on dogs, cats and inevitably families that end up buying these health stricken victims. You can read the plethora of position statements on my Dog […]

AKC Hoax

AKC Sham

AKC Hoax (Part 1 of 2) While dog training, Los Angeles pet parents witness many sham organizations but perhaps none quite as ubiquitous and paradoxical as the AKC. What type of club values a tradition that trumpets and fully supports pain, dismemberment, torture, and mutilation? Not a very humane or sane one. However, the AKC encourages barbaric, […]