Pet Store and Puppy Mill Dogs – Dog Trainer in Los Angeles CA

Do not buy pet store dogs

Puppy Mills Online And In Stores (Updated 2020) Many people cannot resist the urge to buy a dog or cat from a puppy store or online website (most of which are puppy mills) or dog breeders, where the unscrupulous, unethical purveyors display dogs and cats like shiny inanimate objects. The real problem occurs once the […]

AKC Hoax

AKC Sham

Is the AKC A Hoax? While dog training, Los Angeles pet parents¬†witness many sham organizations but perhaps none quite as ubiquitous and paradoxical as the AKC. What type of club values a tradition that trumpets and fully supports pain, dismemberment, and mutilation? Not a very humane or sane one. American Kennel Club (AKC) Puppy Mill […]

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