Animal Care Jobs

Whether you are interested in dog sitting jobs, pet care jobs, or pet sitting jobs, a thorough understanding of animal behavior is critical to succeeding in all pet jobs.

We are not hiring at the moment, however, we are always interested in connecting with individuals who are interested in joining our team.  We will reach out to potential candidates when career opportunities arise.

The criteria we look for in dog trainers and people interested in all animal care jobs are intelligence, dedication, professionalism, and service-driven animal lovers. We provide the highest level of educated professionalism and customer service to our clients – both human and four-legged.

Additional qualities we look for in pet care professionals are maturity, reliability, detailed oriented, self-motivated, articulate, with a commitment to excellent customer service. The ideal candidates are energetic, organized, and punctual. This is a challenging job that requires good problem-solving abilities, but it is also incredibly wonderful and rewarding!

If you are searching for animal care jobs near you in Los Angeles and think you might be a good fit, keep on reading.


  • Prospective Los Angeles dog boarding, dog daycare, pet sitters, and dog trainers should have flexible schedules and ideally, have availability Monday- Sunday within the hours of 7 am and 7 pm
    • Excellent dog handling skills
    • Love animals and be physically fit
    • Have the physical ability to get down on the floor with dogs and obedience train, handle, walk, and exercise with them
    • Enjoy being outside because dogs like to be walked in the heat, cold and the rain
    • Willing to commit to the position for at least one year
    • A college graduate or a matriculated student at a local university or college
    • Mature, professional, and extremely dependable
    • Have a personal smartphone with internet and email capabilities
    • Pass a criminal and stringent background test
    • Have reliable, insured transportation and a clean driving record
    • Have verifiable references
    • Must have a social security number and be legally allowed to work in Los Angeles
    • Does not require steady work- some weeks will be busy, some won’t

To Apply Please: (Complete the three steps below to be considered)

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– Submit a cover letter
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3) Please answer the below questions. Share your dog and cat experiences and make sure to include the reasons why you would be a great addition to our Team.

  1. Why are you interested in Los Angeles dog boarding, pet sitting, dog daycare, and dog training?
    2. Have you ever been the parent of a dog? What were your direct responsibilities for this pet?
    3. What is your exact physical address where you live?
    4. Would this be your primary or supplementary income? If supplementary, what else do you do?
    5. What is your exact availability (all days/hours)?
    6. Can you commit to this availability for at least one year?
    7. Is there anything else that makes you stand out from the other candidates? (pet experience, mentorships, dog behavior, ethology, or training classes, etc.,)
    8. What is your exact formal education in ethology, cognitive ethology, and dog training? Do you have any dog training certificates? If so, which ones?

Due to a large number of inquiries, we cannot respond to everyone. If you appear to be a match with our present needs, we will contact you. Please do not call the office. We will only accept applications via email. Thank you!

Please send your information to la {at}

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