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Affordable Dog Training near me Los Angeles

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Affordable Dog Training

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Our affordable dog training is for Phone Consultations only.

When people search for affordable dog training or cheap dog training, Los Angeles pet parents do not typically receive top-notch pet training. Certainly not an elite dog training service. Fun Paw Care realizes that at the core of what we do, our ideologies, we are in the education and doing service business. We strongly believe that education should be open-source and not just for the elite.  Education builds and strengthens our society, culture, peace, love, and fosters compassion for all sentient beings.

We want to provide a top dog training service to people in need. For years, we have offered free dog training to our local Los Angeles community, and all major cities in the United States. We wanted to see how far we could extend our help to our local dog training Los Angeles community and anyone with a dog or cat in need around the country.  Whether you are indigent, receiving assistance via Medical, Calfresh, in Section 8 Housing or have had significant financial difficulties and struggle to get by day-by-day, you won’t be turned away. We can help you train your dog.

I am pleased and proud to offer our Phone Consultations for a much-reduced fee with me, Certified dog behaviorist, dog trainer, and pet nutritionist, Russell Hartstein on a case by case basis for those pet parents in financial need. Not having a lot of money is nothing to be embarrassed about, nor should getting the best puppy and dog training a parent can get. Let us help you help your dog and make life a little easier and love-filled.

All people (and pets) are individuals, that’s why we will speak with you directly to learn about your situation to provide you with the best puppy and dog training, enrichment, welfare, and advice at a custom-tailored price to meet your needs.

We do ask that you provide proof of your financial need prior to our Consultation. Please specify, “affordable dog training, and how you qualify for the service” in the “How can we help?” section on the Client Profile Form.

I also provide my affordable dog training for United States veterans or active duty.

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This service requires a phone and access to a computer and email. If you are reading this you are all set!

Please be patient as the demand for this service may outweigh our ability to accommodate.

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