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Best Puppy Boot Camp Near Me

Best Puppy Boot Camp, Los Angeles

Private~Customized~One-On-One~Luxurious~Five-Acre Ranch

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Puppy Boot Camp, just like our Elite Los Angeles Dog Boot Camp is 100% customized to your puppy and your needs.

Russell recognizes the individual spirit of each unique puppy he serves.

The main difference between Fun Paw Care’s Dog Boot Camp and Puppy Boot Camp is where Russell focuses his attention. Compared to an adolescent, adult, or senior dog the primary focus for puppies is on their sensitive period, a biological predetermined developmental period of emotion, cognition, socialization, enrichment, nutrition and physiology.

The type of help and support parents need during puppyhood vary greatly from adolescent, adult and/or senior dog life stages.

Your puppy’s young age dictates the most important windows of opportunity and development.  A puppy’s growth phase is what is prioritized in addition to any puppy behavior problems and emotional deficiencies.

Puppies need a continuous reinforcement schedule, a large amount of obedience training and a solid foundation of puppy behaviors and life skills (such as Sit, Stay, Sit – Stay, Down, Down – Stay), mixed in with socialization, enrichment, and basic manners training.

Russell also focuses on a puppy’s nutrition and finding a puppy food that’s best for your dog. Nutrition and supplements play an integral part in improving your puppy’s behavior.

Food is also a primary reinforcer and what Certified Dog Behaviorists and Trainers use to change behavior. In addition, Russell also focuses on motivational healthy dog treats and finding puppy foods that agree with your puppy’s stomach and potty training program.

Moreover, during our puppy boarding and training camp, puppies receive positive exposure to a variety of life stimuli. For fearful puppies, Russell administers desensitization and counterconditioning behavior modification protocols. Russell teaches puppies age-related behaviors and training, such as puppy potty training, how to walk on a leash, wearing different types of harnesses, collars and equipment, husbandry, and gentling.

Different dog life stages require different approaches to teaching, learning, and conditioning.

Just as we have kindergarten, middle school, high school and doctoral programs each puppy’s skill level will be taught at the level of each unique individual.

The curriculum for the boarding and training school is always one-on-one, customized and private positive reinforcement puppy training and behavior modification that is optimized specifically for your puppy’s biological and developmental period.

Puppy Boot Camp is set up in a non-volume fashion because dogs learn and play the best one-on-one and it’s the optimal and healthiest way for a puppy to learn. Each Boot Camp is customized by Russell based on each puppy’s unique learning style, anxiety, emotion, morphology, dog breed, age, sex, temperament, skill set, motivation, overall energy level, ontogeny and biological health.

Invest In LA’s Best Puppy Training!

Invest in your puppy and give yourself and your puppy the gift of a lifetime of happiness together. As with all investments, Puppy Boot Camp will pay many dividends down the road. Offer your puppy the best education, training, behavior modification, and care a puppy and family can get.

All training, behavior modification, and boarding will take place in a private, five-acre, spacious, impeccably clean puppy safe home and ranch, with personalized, one-on-one, undivided personal care and attention taught by a renowned master Certified Dog Behavior Consultants (CDBC) (fewer than 200 worldwide!) and Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT). Here your puppy will receive intensive training and behavior modification so that when your puppy returns to you, they are better behaved and well-mannered, fulfilled, enriched, and happy.

This is a first-class, highly specialized, catered and customized service where each program is designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual V.I.P. (Very important puppy).

Each Puppy Boarding and Training week includes force and fear-free, positive reinforcement dog training and behavior modification methods depending on your puppy’s needs.

Russell employs the most humane, compassionate and up-to-date learning by implementing operant conditioning, classical conditioning, systematic desensitization, counter conditioning, house training, enrichment, husbandry, gentling, socialization to dogs, people, inanimate objects, life, and environment socialization, integration, habituation, stimulus control, proofing, generalization, fluency, basic, mid and advanced level obedience training and your puppy’s own customized training and behavior modification program catered just for your pet.

 (On Certified Dog Behaviorist & Dog Trainer’s 5-Acre Fully Fenced In Behavior & Training Ranch)

Our Los Angeles Puppy Boarding and Training Boot Camp is designed for high energy puppies, including potty training, socialization, enrichment, puppy anxiety, aggressive puppy biting, aggressive puppy play, and puppies with special needs, that require extra work in certain problem areas.

Puppy Boot Camp is for you if you ask yourself, “Where is a safe and effective positive reinforcement puppy boot camp near me?” Or, “Where can I board and train my puppy?”

Many parents choose puppy boarding and training with Russell if you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to teach puppy training or wish you could find the best puppy boarding school or boarding and training program in LA. If you don’t have the time, skill, and/or expertise, Puppy Boot Camp in Los Angeles is for you!

Los Angeles pet parents can rest easy, knowing that during your absence, your pet will receive:

(For many other answers to your questions please see our FAQs for Los Angeles Dog Boot Camp.)

  • An intensive, hands-on custom puppy training, behavior modification, and boarding program taught and supervised by a master Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Certified Professional Dog Trainer Russell Hartstein
  • Each week of Dog Boot Camp consists of exclusive, private, attention, and customized training and behavior modification every single day for an entire week at our five-acre ranch
  • Daily detailed puppy training and behavior analysis plan with supporting resources
  • Functional assessment and behavioral analysis of the training protocol and behavior modification program
  • At least 4 1-hour personalized adventure, puppy training, and behavior modification walks per day
  • Feeding, hydrating, walking, cuddling, playing, supplements, medications and exercise schedules maintained per the parent’s instructions
  • Calming classical music, Therapy-grade, organic lavender/chamomile essential oils scientifically proven to calm and soothe puppies
  • All that the Dog Boot Camp and luxury Puppy Boarding Los Angeles packages offer
  • Puppy Boot Camp boarding, training, and customized dog daycare  with a one-on-one personalized expert Certified Dog Behaviorist, Trainer, and Nutritionist supervision throughout your puppy’s boarding
  • Photographs and videos of your puppy’s experiences during their puppy training and behavior modification sessions
  • Comprehensive behavior analysis and detailed puppy training plan with abundant supporting resources to set you up for success the moment your puppy returns to your home
  • Complimentary recommendations and advice curated for your unique family regarding best veterinarian, toys, enrichment devices, equipment, exercise, and socialization
  • Uncompromised attention to detail and safety (30-year safety record!)
  • Platinum Club Members receive up to 50% off of Puppy Boot Camp


Our Puppy Boot Camp Training addresses all puppy behavior problems and issues including but not limited to:

  • Puppy aggression training
  • Puppy potty training/house training
  • Aggressive puppy biting
  • Puppy barking
  • Puppy Fear aggression training
  • Territorial aggression training
  • Resource guarding puppy training
  • Puppy aggression towards other dogs
  • Puppy leash aggression training
  • Food Aggression
  • Puppy dominance aggression
  • Old dog aggressive to puppy
  • Puppy aggression towards other puppies
  • Aggressive puppy play
  • Aggressive puppy behavior
  • Puppy separation anxiety
  • Puppy fears
  • Puppy socialization
  • Puppy play
  • Puppy enrichment
  • Puppy nutrition


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