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Geographical locations matter a great deal when considering the health and training of a pet.  Fun Paw Care has services are in South Florida where it is frequently hot, humid and intensely sunny.  In addition flooding and frequent lightning and thunderstorms are common.  These are just some of the factors to consider when taking care of your pet in hot humid tropical Miami and similar climates.  We offer dog training in South Florida, dog walking in Miami, puppy training in South Florida, pet sitting in Miami, dog boarding in Miami, cat sitting in Miami and a host of other services in Miami and South Florida.  Before we initiate any service, the weather, climate and pet are all closely analyzed to determine the proper service.


Dog Training in Miami: Location Matters


Located in a hot and humid environment, the first thing that comes to mind is heat exhaustion.   Some popular breeds in South Florida include Pugs, Bull Dogs (French, American, Old English, Traditional…etc.), Boxers, Boston Terriers….etc. all of which are brachycephalic (aka: short snout breeds) prone to trachea problems and breathing issues.  Even in the most hospitable of environments, these breeds have labored breathing.  In a humid, very hot climate, vigorous exercise and or direct exposure to the sun could be deadly if you are not careful with your pet or if you overly exercise or expose them  to the elements.   To minimize this risk, you should avoid exercising your pet in the heat, the hottest part of the day or in direct sunlight.  When doing midday walks you should walk on the shady side of the street, keep an eye on the sky, watch out for pending storms and follow hourly reports of the weather in the area.  It is a great idea to bring water for your pet and yourself and to apply healthy sunscreen to short haired dogs that have a tendency to burn.  Keep in mind, it is not uncommon for lightening or thunder storms to happen concurrent with a sunny day in South Florida.  Another preventative innovative product is a cooling pack vest that dogs can wear outside while on their walks.  Other innovative designs and products are also available to counter this intensely hot, humid and sunny environment.


Mosquitos and ticks are also a big problem here in hot and humid locals.  We recommend organic, natural Neem oil which is a natural bug repellent that helps keep the mosquitos and fleas away and is great for your skin and hair (humans and pups).  It also has the ancillary benefits of healing burns very well, having no harmful chemicals in it or side effects.


All breeds will be affected by the intense sunlight, humidity, heat, frequent flash storms (especially during the summer months) and thunder and lightning.  With a little common sense, preparation and some great products you can reduce your dog’s risk greatly by thinking ahead and preparing before you go outside.


Keep your pets cool, provide a lot of fresh chilled water and make sure your pet has access to shade and an air-conditioned/ fanned, cool environment after their walks.  Happy trails!


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