How do I Stop my Dog from Chewing Everything?


Do you ever walk in the door after a long day of work and you just want to cuddle up with your dog and have some peace and quiet?  But instead, when you walk in the door your house looks like it was burglarized. Your pillows are all over the place with the stuffing and feathers pulled out of them, the legs of your couch or bed are chewed up, and maybe your kitchen cabinets are gnawed on. Does any of this sound familiar? At Fun Paw Care we hear about this on a daily basis. Puppy biting may be different than dog chewing. If your dog is chewing everything in sight and driving you nuts, you may need to call in a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) depending on the severity of the situation and your knowledge of dog behavior and dog training.


Try and look at the world through your dog’s eyes and perspective. How much enrichment, exercise, and stimulation, both mental and physical, does your dog get?  If you take your dog to the corner or around the same few streets to do his/her business and then leave for a long day at work that could be one of the contributing factors. What type of dog breed or energy level does your dog have? If you have a mid to higher level energy dog and they are not getting enough stimulation that will drive a dog bonkers as well.


In general, if a dog is chewing inappropriate items in your home and your belongings, he/she is not doing it because they are vengeful or are just trying to make you mad. What makes a bedpost different than a stick outside or your sheets different from a cloth tug rope? It is incumbent upon the pet parents to teach your dog and create good chew toy habits from the get-go. Get chew toys, stuff them with treats and food and adequately exercise and train your dog. Engage your dog so that they are not bored out of their minds, and they will feel content and without the need to chew everything in sight.

Dog Training Miami Chew Toys

With proper balance, exercise, dog training, manners, chew toy habits, you will create a wonderful atmosphere where your pooch can’t go wrong.  Remember it is essential to set your dog up for success so that his middle name does not become “no.”  Equally important, it is never OK to abuse a dog in the name of training!  Expediency should never trump the humane treatment and welfare of your dog.


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