Shame is brought to Miami Dade Residents


From a dog training in Miami perspective and a human perspective I am sick to my stomach!  Ignorance combined with a horribly worded ballot, asking a double negative (we wonder the motive) gave Miami Dade voters no chance of eradicating prevailing stupidity.  I am thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed to be a Miami Dade resident.  Apparently many feel the same way, as Mark Buehrle, the pitcher for the Miami Marlins has moved out of Miami Dade County to neighboring, dog friendly, Broward County.  Shame on the politicians and all the ignoramus people of Miami Dade who voted No and opted to slaughter and dislocate innocent, loving, loyal pets.


All voters who ignorantly support Breed Specific Legislation and Breed Discrimination Legislation (BSL / BDL) have done is proven the lack of intelligence, care and compassion of a community!  If you didn’t get out and vote and you love animals, shame on you.  Miami and the politicians have brought shame to us all! We are the laughing stock of the country.  This is a very sad day!


Let us discuss proactive, intelligent, thought provoking, prolific legislation that should be the law of the land. How about enforcing and penalizing puppy mills, backyard breeders, irresponsible owners, owners that ignore dog training and education, owners that abandon or abuse their dogs, owners and “breeders” that dock dogs tails or crop their ears (mutilating a dog solely for aesthetics), incarcerate owners that teach their dogs to attack innocent animals or people or who participate in dog fighting rings!  This would be progress, not the regressive, archaic, nonsensical, ignorant law of banning a breed (or even dumber any dog that looked like a type of dog)!! Ps: a “Pit Bull” is not a breed! Good luck enforcing something that doesn’t even exist!  This law is no more effective then banning an ethnic culture or racial profiling!  If you have a dog and you presume you’re immune from the subjective stupidity of Miami Dade officials when leaving it to them to deem you dog a “Pit Bull” or not, you are sadly mistaken!  It is more than likely that your pet at one time or another was also banned and discriminated against. It will only be a matter of time before fear mongering ignorant politicians tear your pet from your home and ostracize you from the community.  The barbarian killers of Miami are the voters who voted down the repeal of the “Pit Bull” ban and the people who didn’t bother to vote or didn’t do their civic duty to participate in this community in which they live and love. To those who believe they have won this fight, you have lost the war!  To all of the residents of Miami who are directly or indirectly responsible for the mass killing of innocent dogs based on their looks, Karma’s a bitch!


I have been studying ethology and dog training for all of my life and can tell you that most dog bites reported come from small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Jack Russells and Border collies.  All wonderful breeds, but I suppose they are next on the list of BSL/BDL and will be extradited if a politician needs to further his/her agenda to get reelected!  Thank you to all of the caring, hardworking, intelligent, well informed leaders who voted Yes to repeal the ban and who let their actions show the way and tried to reform this stodgy, backward, ignorant county. Keep fighting the good fight and doing the right thing in this county and all counties that discriminate across the land.


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