Please Join Fun Paw Care to End Discrimination Today!


Please Vote YES on Ballot 500 Today repeal the longstanding “Pit Bull” ban to save dog’s lives!  Today is the day.  If you live in Miami-Dade and you value science, animal life, facts, intelligence or you have a brain, VOTE YES TODAY on Ballot Question No. 500 to save “Pit Bulls” from the ignoramus Miami law makers that indiscriminately kill and extradite any dog that looks like a “Pit Bull”.  This law has tragically been on the books since 1989!  Stop the madness and killing, your beloved dog could be next!


If you think that your dog is exempt from ignorant, discriminatory Breed Specific Legislation or Breed Discrimination Legislation laws (BSL/BDL), think again, in some country, state, city, town or community, somewhere, at one point in time, dozens of breeds have been banned.  Don’t let politician’s selfish political agenda to get elected, dictate your loved ones fate!!  This is insanity at its greatest.


Today is the day, so stand up and be heard Miami!! If you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.  GO VOTE YES today on Ballot Question No. 500 to repeal this 23 year old ordinance of ignorance!


We will keep you posted on the outcome and developments around the vote.   Please spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers.  Please don’t be lazy, today is the day for action.  Your actions will help save thousands of lives!!


Let’s start prosecuting irresponsible, ignorant pet owners, not loving and loyal companions!  Start dog training and educating yourself and your family today.  Please don’t adopt a dog or become a guardian without planning on educating yourself, your dog and your family.  Dog training is essential to create a wonderful family companion.  Dogs don’t come into this world knowing how to speak English, Spanish or any other language.  Without your help, pets will not live up to their potential.  Most people do not have children without giving the idea plenty of forethought on where and how to educate them.  Please put the necessary time and care into educating and training your pet/s as well.  Your dog, family and your community will thank you.  For dog training Miami and South Florida please call us today.  If you are having difficulty with your pet, want to learn more about canine ethology or want to learn some fun cool tricks to do with your dog please call us and read our blog.


Kind regards, Woofs


Russell & the FPC team


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