Irrational Pit Bull Fears

There’s an ignoramus among us.  While volunteering to educate residents of Miami Dade before the recent elections to rid this county of discrimination and the killing of innocent dogs, you wouldn’t believe what the predominant response was.  It went something like this, “If we allow ‘Pit Bulls,’ all of these gang members will propagate and expand, and there will be dogfighting rings everywhere and ‘Pit Bulls” running rampant and killing everyone…” I thought I was on a game show where the host was playing a joke on me while I was interviewing these people without me knowing.

It was mind-boggling to think that a person would even make these assumptions.  I wanted to address some of these irrational, ignorant, and discriminatory claims. Jurisdictions have laws, laws that try to protect innocent citizens from crime. Crime is committed by people who have the ability to rationalize. Dogs are not inherently “bad” or “evil” as I have been told by many ignoramuses. Sure, there are irresponsible breeders and dogs that are neurologically unsound, but they are the anomaly, not the norm. Most dogs’ temperaments are social and loving coming out of the womb, but nonetheless, dogs need to be socialized and educated to reach their highest potential. Nature and nurture. “Pit Bulls,” which are not even a breed recognized by any organization, are commonly thought to be vicious “attack dogs” or out of control time bombs just looking to bite random people because that is their natural temperament. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are NO dogs that are inherently like this. It is PEOPLE that train and breed dogs to be like this. To all of the racist, irrational and uninformed concerns that people have displayed before voting I hope you remember that fact the most. It is people and malicious, ignorant parents and breeders that make dogs dangerous, not the dogs themselves! If you do not believe this, please study ethology and educate yourself with scientific case studies, research papers, empirical evidence, and fact and not anecdotal, circumstantial and heretical witchcraft you heard from the grapevine or some person at a cafe or media outlet. Our “Resources” page under “BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION & BREED DISCRIMINATION LEGISLATION (BSL/BDL) FACTS” would be a great place to begin.

Blame by Association

If most criminals used Hondas as their vehicle of choice to rob people or commit crimes, do you think it is intelligent or rational to ban all Hondas in Miami? Or, how about any car that looked like a Honda? By the way people were talking to me, one would think so! Another metaphor would be, if your house cat killed a mouse would you be scared that you are next on the list and that they were the next Jeffrey Dahmer and that your life was in jeopardy? The level of brainwashing here in Miami is beyond belief. The Miami-Dade commissioners irresponsibly jettisoned this ordinance with flouting irreverence back to the voters when the commissioners themselves were the ones that outlawed “Pit Bulls” or any animal that resembled a “Pit Bull” without voter consent 23 + years ago! They lacked the backbone and the political temerity to declare their forefathers ignorant and to banish this ridiculous, antiquated law a few months prior to the election and now they shamefully punted their obligation to the voters. Politicians vilified and demonized “Pit Bulls” in 1989 when they ignorantly put this ordinance on the books and banned this type of dog (without voters consent) and have been doing so ever since trying to get reelected and to keep their egregious pensions and cronyism intact. Without going too far off on a tangent, ponder this for a moment, what other city pays so many of their city employees many times over the mean income of the United States (way over six figures a year) when the real level of unemployment especially in Florida is way over 20%!? Enough said! If you believe the government figures on unemployment, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

It made me very sad to hear the level of ignorance shared by fellow human beings. I sometimes wonder if we all are the same species. How can there be such rampant ignorance and misinformation in one jurisdiction/county? I blame media, propaganda, ego, culture, uneducated people, politicians, and lobbyists. I also blame irresponsible rescue organizations, veterinarians, fear mongering journalists, clinics, humane societies, dog trainers and behavior specialists, such as myself and everyone involved in the pet business for not adequately educating enough people in our communities and accomplishing this goal and eradicating discrimination. It is our moral and civic duty to fight back harder, longer and stronger until all forms of discrimination are vanquished, and irresponsible parents are penalized and held responsible for their ignorance and not innocent animals! It is our civic duty to educate ourselves, our families and friends when our school systems and leaders fail us. Who do you blame? What is your solution?

Pit Bull Ban Miami