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While you are sitting back, relaxing, drinking your coffee and deliberating, 70+ friendly puppies and kittens just got killed by poisonous injection in Miami and will never have the opportunity to live, love, and to share their joy for life with a family.  This is why you must vote yes on Election Day, November 6th on ballot question number 240.


People ask me, “Russ, won’t this be bad for your business if they pass the Pets’ Trust to improve animal services by also offering low cost dog behavior and Miami dog training services?”  I look at them incredulously.  With this myopic thought in mind, I remind them of one of the main reasons why I got into this business in the first place: to make sure dogs and cats receive the most ethical, up-to-date, scientific, humane, non-abusive treatment possible.  My goal is to help dogs, cats and their humans enjoy life to the fullest in the most pain free, enjoyable way possible.  If I was in this business solely to make money I would have stayed working in finance or chosen another field.  If the Pets’ Trust passing means that companion animals will receive low cost behavior and training advice at the expense of my business, then so be it. I am ecstatic and proud to join the Pet Trust chorus and to make sure these otherwise death row pets are living long, healthy and happy lives and not needlessly killed.  I do not let fiat currency get in the way of my decisions or sway my moral obligations.   I have not lost that guiding light. My priorities are straight and unwavering: animals’ safety and lives come first.   My business model can be tweaked and there are different customers and demographics that I can cater to.  Our cats and dogs are dying at an alarming rate!  20,000+ plus per year in Miami alone, and those that are not killed are living in unfit conditions in Miami Dade Animal Shelter.


What Kind of People Work at Miami Dade Animal Services


The level of ignorance is unparalleled in the public domain about the staff and volunteers at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter.  People make the incorrect association/connection between the unbelievable high death toll and the volunteers and staff they incorrectly think are behind this killing.  This flawed logic has been widespread at the early voting polls as the general public wants someone to blame but dare not look in the mirror.


The understaffed, under-volunteered people that work at the shelter are saints.  Killing animals represent the antithesis of their moral fiber.  They are working with extremely limited resources because of the lack of support from our community.  They are animal activist, caring people that have devoted their lives to saving and helping these sentient beings, like Fun Paw Care. They talk the talk and walk the walk.  When people with misinformation come to me and chastise these wonderful people as if they “want” to kill these animals every day I want to smack some sense into them.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  In most cases it is the complainers, who sit back and vote no on #240, who don’t think that paying any small amount is worth saving tens of thousands of lives, who are the reason these wonderful dogs and cats are being killed at such an astonishing, grotesque rate.  These people are not part of the solution, the blood is on their hands.


There are many possible wonderful solutions, not just one.   Yes, banning puppy mills (and any store that sells pets), registration of dog owners, registration of breeders, mandatory micro chipping and getting rid of ignorant BSL/BDL laws will all help solve a communities pet “problems.”  Regardless of which action is taken, it is important to not sit idly by and watch thousands of dogs and cats get slaughtered while humans twiddle their thumbs in their ivory towers and debate the best solution.  The programs can be fine-tuned and modified after the Pets’ Trust gets passed.  The community needs to be conscious, not controlled by ego, and compassionate to realize that the earth does not revolve around us as Marc Bekoff writes  in Animal Minds and the Foible of Human Exceptionalism. 


Will you think differently and stop supporting the needless killing of innocent, friendly, loving sentient beings and will you take a stand in your life and wait in voting lines (regardless of how long they are) because you will not be stifled?  Unlike voiceless animals, your voice can and will be heard! Just because the Miami Dade commissioners are spineless and lack the political temerity to make positive change in our world doesn’t mean you need to follow suit!  Long voting lines do not deter the principled because you know the difference between what is right and wrong and demand that your voice be heard and that you ARE making a difference in your time on this earth.  If you are not part of the solution you ARE the problem.  Make a change Miami and Vote YES on #240 to stop the genocide!  Remember, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” (Mahatma Gandhi).



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