AKC, Hoax

(Part 2)

Sleeping With the Enemy?

I don’t have to go into great detail for the general public to know how much harm and destruction puppy mills inflict on dogs, cats and inevitably families that end up buying these health stricken victims. You can read the plethora of position statements on my Dog Training Resources page, to see just some of the numerous organizations that denounce and oppose this abuse to fully realize this atrocity. But you wouldn’t expect a club that hypocritically claims they value companion animals, to be funded by the same lobbyist and constituents who support, makeup and represent the puppy mills of the world. Welcome to the American Kennel Club (AKC) who seem to be no more than wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The AKC is more foe than friend, as recently noted by perspicacious author Marc Bekoff, in his recent article How Many Dog Breeders Do We Really Need? If you haven’t read Marc’s article depicting the conflicts and problems from within the AKC, please do so.

The Westminster Dog Show Charade

When an organization has a conflict of interests, this leads to inherent structural problems and corruption that eventually lead to that organization’s demise. This is the problem with the jobbery of politicians, the United States pension and entitlement programs, government largess, the financial industry (analysts, proprietary traders, investment bankers and the illusion of a Chinese wall) and the protectionism and fiat currency manipulation that ensues until inevitable entropy. But I digress, most corrupt, unregulated, nepotistic and cronyistic organizations are corrupt at the core. The AKC is one of those organizations that fit this conflict of interest’s definition to a tee with their insouciance towards dogs.

The Pocketbook behind the AKC

Who pays the AKC’s bills and makes them a “legitimate” organization masquerading as an animal advocate club proclaiming, “We protect the health and well-being of all dogs and – We cherish dogs as companions”? But are they part of the problem and not the solution?  Commercial breeders, AKA puppy mills (or any person or organization that puts dollars over the health, humane, and ethical treatment and well-being of an animal) is an unhealthy, unethical and immoral organization. Numbers do not lie, it’s all in black and white for the world to read and to come to your own conclusion.

An organization is defined by what it primarily does to make money. Google is an advertising/data mining company, not a search engine provider, where you are the product, not the customer. Similarly, The AKC looks more like a puppy mill organization, not the advocate of animal welfare and certainly not animal rights purported on their website.

Puppy mills enslave dogs and cats and force them to live in shockingly, horrid conditions that are not fit for any life form. They disregard the health and well-being of an animal and treat them like dispensable inanimate objects, discarding them in the trash when they are not sold and enslaving dogs and cats in ungodly, deplorable conditions. The AKC’s main funding and source of revenue come from puppy mill organizations. What do you think? Please comment below.

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AKC = Puppy Mills