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While dog training in Miami I come across a lot of misinformation, myths and ignorance steeped in the “pet professional” community. There is a plethora of peer reviewed scientific studies and data listed below for those interested in reading about the science of dog behavior and dog training. These articles discuss the methods and hardware of dog training but surprisingly it is not widely disseminated or understood by irresponsible veterinarians and the lagging pet professional community. It is particularly incumbent upon myself and all competent pet professionals and dog trainers to educate and promote only the most up-to-date scientific methods and to rid the industry of myths, abuse and ignorance.  So I have compiled this simple list of 5 starting points to look for before choosing a dog trainer.


5 Simple Ways to Choose a Dog Trainer


One can tell the level of education and the seriousness in which a dog trainer or behavior professional takes their career and the respect they give to the canids and humans they teach just by being observant and looking for a few simple things:


  1. Are they a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT)1? They should be, there is absolutely no reason not to be.
  2. What equipment/apparatus do they sanction? Choke chains, pronged collars, shock, citronella and/or E collars, are all indications you should run away and find a real certified professional Miami dog trainer.
  3. Are they correcting, popping the leash, forcing, manipulating, bullying, and/or touching the dog (other than kind friendly strokes as a reward or affection) in any way as they teach? Educated professionals do not practice dominance theory2! If so find another dog trainer.
  4. Are they standing over your dog, recommending dominance2-7 , advocating alpha roles, or putting your dog on his/her side for any reason? If any of these occur I would run, not walk, away and find a new dog trainer.
  5. Are they recommending that you stare down your dog, eat before your dog, have the highest and best sleeping places, sit or stand up straight, hold your head up, don’t lose a game of tug, to walk in front of and not let your dog be in front of you on walks, or to exert dominance? It is time to find an educated professional who takes their career seriously.

If you follow just one rule think of this: if you wouldn’t teach your 2 year old child in a way you are teaching your pet, time to rethink what you are doing and ask for help from Fun Paw Care.

Here are a few articles about the misuse of dominance by pet parents and outdated dog trainers. All of which are on my web page under “HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST DOG TRAINER & BEHAVIOR PROFESSIONAL” here

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