Ban Abusive Dog Tail Docking – Miami Dog Training

This year, even more research1-3 shows how tail docking is detrimental to a dog’s ability to communicate fully and effectively.  As if we needed any more reasons, new scientific research1-3 shows how tail docking can be detrimental to your dog’s conspecific social communication.

In this incredible video one can see a dog’s reaction to watching another dog’s tail wagging. It displays the dog’s visual acuminous sensitivity to another canids tail movement and direction. We are only beginning to learn about how animals communicate.

This research also shows how nuanced, subtle, yet vital tail movements and patterns effects social engagement and communication. Needless to say, cutting off a dog’s tail causes many communication problems beyond the moral and ethical implications. This act is akin to cutting out a humans tongue for an aesthetic cosmetic tradition. 

Which begs the question, why do it?!

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