Shelter and Rescue, Dog Training Miami Service


We believe in giving back. Not only do a portion of ALL of our sales go towards rescuing dogs and cats through fostering, training, and boarding but we also offer free group Miami dog training classes for shelter dog rescues once a month through Miami Dade Animal Services.

We want to encourage families to receive correct, scientific dog training and behavior advice, not hypothetical constructs or dog training myths pervasive in the old fashioned/traditional dog “training” abusive crowd.


Although we have elected and were chosen to take a test to become Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT), there are no barriers to entry in the dog training industry and no mandatory regulatory agencies. If you see ANY “trainer” using force, bullying, intimidation, a choke chain, pronged collar or shocked collar they are animal abusers, have not studied ethology and don’t care about you or your beloved dogs welfare. I would run the other way. If you think a professional is expensive wait to you hire an amateur!


We have increased the discount to the family receiving the dog training within 30 days of rescuing a dog from a responsible shelter or rescue organization to 10%. In addition, the responsible shelter or rescue organization now receives 20% back of the total price of the dog training or behavior modification service.


We feel great about supporting homeless dogs and cats and hope that you do too. It is our goal to help as many pets and families as we can by focusing on each individual and proving the most up-to-date, humane, force-free science of dog training while increasing the bond between you and your loved ones.

Dog Training Miami, Foster Dogs

Education is not an event – it is a lifelong process.  Don’t let anyone convince you that a choke chain or coercions is OK. It is no more OK than to do the same to your two year old son or daughter. ALL animals learn the same way and feel. We all suffer, morn, feel love, pain and joy. Behavior is a science not something you hear on the street or that was passed down from your granddads friend or heard on a reality TV show. If you broke your arm or had a heart attack we hope you wouldn’t entrust your life and well-being to let your neighbor operate on you because they claim to be a health expert. We modify all types of behavior issues and problems and can help you with any obedience issues your dog is having. It does not matter the age, breed, intensity, or severity of the issue, we can help.


Dog Training Miami Service