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Miami is a city I love, really. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be living here. But Miami is also city I love to critique. Rudeness is regular, intellect is sparse, punctuality is non-existent and refinement is foreign. I’ve had people assume a symphony is a nightclub, and art only appreciated if there is a DJ, free booze, and lots of colorful walls for one’s latest hashtags. And where to begin with Miami’s road culture…. Here the crimes against humanity are shamelessly displayed. But I am open to reconsidering my traffic qualms, and this past Thursday on my way to work at Fun Paw Care I witnessed an act that turned my Miami doubts upside down.

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That’s just rude

It was your usual Thursday evening experience on I-95, just a little enlivened by hippie vans of kids (mostly adults attempting to disguise themselves as such) making things all the better crowding the expressway with their glow sticks and pacifiers. As usual, cars were bumper to bumper and the left lane was doing well, maybe moving an inch a minute. Hey, but we’re rolling. The communal frustration was ravishing. After about 30 minutes in the same spot, I saw a woman run past me in the left shoulder calling an indiscernible name, clapping and making kissing sounds – certainly not the oddest thing I have seen here in Miami. About ten minutes later, my vantage point widened and I saw her again, still running and there was a black spec in the distance which looked like a large dog. The dog was weaving in and out between racing cars on the opposite side of the street, any moment away from death. But on this day, something unusual happened.

The running woman and fearful dog caught the attention of those in the left lanes. Cars started working together to guide the dog to the shoulder, forming a barricade, and also blocking off the cars whizzing by on the right. One vehicle stopped and the running woman entered. This stranger transported the woman a quarter mile down the highway so she was closer to her target. No one even knew if this dog was hers, or a stray. The dog was petrified, and even when called kept running, unsure where was safe. Another car drove ahead and blocked the dog in. Working together, this woman was reunited with the dog. The twenty or so cars that joined in the rescue effort were re-entered, and everyone continued on their way.

dog rescue miami, puppy training miami

These people, each strangers, put aside their own priorities and destinations to help save a life. It didn’t matter that no one knew each other, and it didn’t matter that the life saved belonged to a dog. Forming the barricade I saw Kias and Porsches, I saw people dressed as doctors, ravers, professionals and vacationers. People from all walks of life worked together, accomplished their goal, and were back on their way. Perhaps they were delayed a few minutes from their destination, but a life was saved. Sure, there were those who honked and were rude, either unaware or simply uncaring, but they didn’t prevail. Compassion won. It was surreal. Miamians displayed a kind, compassionate act of humanity. Fido (I named him) was saved!

Miami is a city I love.

dog rescue miami, puppy training miami