How To Stop Puppy Biting?

Help, my puppy won’t stop biting me. Puppies bite hard and have razor-sharp teeth. Puppies are adorable and amazing, but let’s face it; mouthing puppies with razor-sharp teeth do not make it fun to be in the presence of these little four-legged furballs of love and joy. What’s an exasperated new puppy parent to do?

Go to puppy training classes or puppy training school. Puppy exploring the world around them will bite and gnaw on just about anything. It is entirely normal and natural behavior. Puppies mouth for many reasons: to teethe, to feel good, to explore the world, to socially interact and learn what is appropriate and inappropriate. Creating good habits early on will teach a puppy what is appropriate to chew and what is not.

To my dismay, one ignorant piece of advice given to many dog parents by outdated traditional dog “trainers” is to hold their puppy’s mouth shut, smack them, grab them by the scruff, hold them down, and/or yell at a puppy. These methods only destroy relationships, confuse the dog, reinforce fear, and distrust. So don’t do any of these things or follow reality television show advice.

What Can A dog Parent Do To Stop Aggressive Puppy Biting?

  • Train your puppy. Or if she knows a behavior already, cue her to offer that behavior and click, reward when she is successful.
  • Interact with your puppy, play fetch with a ball or frisbee, or play tug with different toys.
  • Fill interactive stuffed chew toys and games to teach good chew toy habits.
  • If your dog is hyperactive expel some of their energy by going for extra dog walks, exploring the neighborhood. Do not attempt to soothe or stroke a puppy when they are riled up, or you may get bit by your puppy. No one likes a puppy bite!
  • f your puppy won’t stop biting, leave the room and go elsewhere.
  • If you yipe loud and short, it may startle and work with some puppies.
  • Try to adjust the environment, your body language, and posture.
  • Remove your body parts and appendages from harm’s way or turn away when your puppy starts getting hyperactive and rowdy.
  • Redirect a puppy’s attention and mouthing to something appropriate and productive.

So what’s the best way to stop puppy biting?

Puppies will start biting and become mouthy when they are overtired as well as under-exercised and under-enriched. So you have to try and find that nice balance then learn about your puppy and her behavior to know when she is overtired rather than suffering from puppy boredom. Part management and part training. They go hand in hand. You cant only take away whatever a puppy is biting or chewing. Then what? Your puppy needs to learn what it can bite and what it cant. And we don’t do that by yelling NO when the puppy chews something we don’t want them to. We train puppies to bite and chew what we want them to through high-value food rewards. Kong toys, stuffed chew toys, food extracting toys and managing the puppies environment so that they only have access to what they are allowed to bite and chew.

When Should I Start Puppy Training?

You should start training your puppy the day you get them. Do not wait. It is natural for puppies (and all dogs) to bite, they are not being mean, aggressive or spiteful. It is never too early to teach a puppy training or behavior. Do not delay or it will only get more difficult after your dog has taught themselves and learned inappropriate behaviors.