The Real House dogs of Miami


My city. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the depth, and breath and refined, eloquent ways….

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Sorry, this chair is taken. This is mine hoomin!


Oh wait, just kidding. Miami, Miami, Miami. If New York is a zoo, then we are the circus. Due to the wild and wonderful ways of this town, I have become pretty desensitized while dog walking and dog training Miami. I normally notice this when cruising on Lincoln Road with out of town friends. While their eyes bug and jaws drop at the scantily clad woman of the day and night, all I have eyes for is the picture of my peaceful home and puppy dog’s face. Thong bikinis (absolutely no need for a cover up) serve as street, shopping and fine dining wear, on every other corner is some reality show being filmed, and the street performers nearly get lost in our glitzy crowd.  Wake me up, I’m snoozing.


But, there is one thing that always captures my attention: four-legged furballs, formally known as dogs. I’ve seen some pretty ludicrous (but somehow still endearing) displays but for the maintenance of our innocence I’ll just start with a few:


Barstool Pups – A usual frequenter of the late Van Dyke Café was a middle-aged, white-haired drinker who always sat regally on his barstool. Like a true local, I spotted him both night and day; no hour was off limits for a Bloody Mary. However, Spot ran into a little trouble with the bartenders as his language was a little ruff.

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Diva Doggie Strollers – I get it, these palaces on wheels are a newborns haven. But I’ve seen some strollers complete with fans, misters, aroma spritzers, and playing Beethoven for Bulldogs. There is plenty of storage room for extra organic treats, replacement collar rhinestones and 8×12 professional color photos of your favorite pooch.

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Moped Mutts – Around here, the moped scooter is considered a reliable and professional means of transportation. You can ride them in flip flops or a three piece suit. But my most memorable scooter sighting had to be when I saw a Husky with his front paws on the handle bars. The wind was blowing through his beautiful fur, and his light eyes were masked from the Florida sun with his own pair of motorcycle goggles. His owner was behind him, though I’m still unsure who was steering. I was too shocked to snap a photo, but the couple can often been seen on Washington and are quite the sight. Ride on, boys.

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Stay wild Miami dogs. YOLO! Until next time.

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