Behavior is the Number One Killer of Dogs

It is all too common to forget that behavior is a science, just like medicine. The number one killer of dogs in this country is bad behavior, not medical issues. However many rescues and adoption shelters forget to mention or emphasize how enrichment, teaching and behavior modification by a skilled CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant) is so important. Most dogs have some quirks (bought or adopted), even if only minor. Dogs that are adopted do not require any more training or behavior modification than dogs bought from breeders. So don’t let that stop you from adopting!

When adopting a dog it is vital to think prevention and education first. We don’t want dogs being given up or rehomed because the pet parents didn’t know how to house train a dog, integrate the adopted dog with their other animals, or how to recognize fear and a dogs’ body language so as not to exacerbate a behavior problem.

The First Step in Saving, Rescuing or Adopting a Dog

The first step (not the final step) in saving a life is adopting. It is imperative to get your own veterinarian to do a full checkup of your dog after adoption and to research behavior specialists. I would not focus as much on dog trainers because teaching a dog basic obedience (sit, stay, down, paw…etc.) can happen later and aren’t an pressing as behavior problems. After all, how many dogs get returned or given up because they don’t give their paw or sit when asked?

On that note Tommy is an angel. No behavior problems thus far. He is house trained and friendly with all he has acquired snuggles from. I can’t possibly contain Tommy boy to one blog post. Simply too many pictures and stories to share. If you haven’t’ checked out his pre-stitches photos head over to the first post to see his transformation. Tommy is a gentle beautiful soul that will warm your heart! He always has a smile on his face and is wanting to please. He brings a smile to my face countless times every day, (as can be seen below). You will be the luckiest pet parent alive if you adopt Tommy! No hyperbole!

So without further ado, heeeeeeeeeeers Tommy! Woofs.  Please only email me for inquires

Love Fun Paw Care and want to go steady?

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Hot guy and dog

About to go in for the kiss.

Armani Exchange loves dogs

Armani Exchange loves me and I love Armani

Hot girl and dog

Oh yea, right there, that’s the spot!

Dog getting pet

Please convince your partner to adopt me. Your faces are priceless!

bring the water to me dog

If I lie here and stick out my tongue can you poor the water in my mouth please?

dog in bra section

Um, are these Bras? I have no idea what I am doing here.

dog in victorias secret

It’s OK if i sits on your foot right hoomin?

dog in the gap

Poor soul only has 2 legs. Shame…

tired from miami dog training

I think I’ll just lie here on Armani Exchanges cool floor while people pet me.

dog days training

Excuse me leg, do you know where the nearest dog park is?

training in miami foster dogs

Why I love this store I have no idea

dog in store service dog

BTW, can you do this with your tongue? Doubt it.

dog in yoga class

Just one kiss, OK? Wait I’m posing.

Dog smashing girls face

That didn’t go as planned. Squishy face time.

dog sitting with trainer

I don’t sees the park foster dad? Are we going the right way?

dog going to park in car

Um, that is NOT the park.

dog in car

I’ll just relax here listen to classical music and enjoy the AC while you chauffeur me around minion.

dog pictures

Holy cow! I think I can see the shelter from way up here!

3 legged dog hopping

See, airtime on 3 legs!

miami beach foster dog training

Wait, is that the dog park?

foster dog pictures

It is the dog park! Take me at once, foster dad.

armani loves me

I’ll help you convince your partner to adopt me. Just show him this picture! If he still resists, he must not have a pulse.

dog sticking tongue out at carmera

Hey, that cloud just made a face at me. Blahhh to you too cloud

dog taking in views

Oh, it was just a cloud….haah

Dog in 1111 garage

Haha, don’t be alarmed foster dad. All is cool, all is real cool!

Dogs ears flapping in wind

Hey, watch how high my right ear gets when I run!

Im such a happy dog

Just close your eyes and imagine, we can do this every night if you adopt me!

foster dog with foster dad

Photo Bomb with my foster dad

foster dog with owner

I love to wink at the camera when foster dad takes selfies!

dog in miami beach

Who else wants to pet me? Step right up and feel the love

dog kisses from foster dog

I loves you foster dad

3 legged dog famous

Face the camera Tommy and stop licking me for a minute

famous dog

Uhhm the other way Tommy, your other right

dog posing for movie

Almost there

dog kisses man

Oooopsie, I thoughts you said lick me again. My bad

Dog Movie Star kissing man dog on lincoln road pensive dog gorgeous dog handsom miami dog miami beach dog training dog posing in miami looking out over miami beach dog being shy gorgeous soul dog dog days of summer dog trainer with foster dog miami dog in front seat of car tired dog resting in store dog going to yoga dog in store service dog foster dog in training

Love Fun Paw Care and want to go steady?

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