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Fun Paw Care is proud to be the best Los Angeles dog training and pet care service chosen by most California’s veterinarians. We take great pride volunteering our time and expertise to teach dog training, ethology (scientific knowledge of species-specific behavior) and cognitive ethology to the staff and volunteers of humane societies and dog rescue organizations throughout Los Angeles and California.

Fun Paw Care offers comprehensive, premier pet care and dog training classes Los Angeles pet parents rely on. We offer a sophisticated array of obedience training and behavior modification consultations, as well as puppy training classes. In our top-notch boarding and training service, your pet will begin to behave better, become well trained, be happy, fulfilled, and stimulated while you’re away so that you return home to a well-mannered and better behaved dog.a

Puppies can be a handful, but our puppy training classes will help make them better behaved so that they become better companions. We teach your pup great manners and habits, how to act, curb biting, teach them potty training and many other desirable behaviors. Equally important, we help puppy parents learn the best way to communicate with their puppy to get incredible results from our training.

Fun Paw Care does not teach aversive dog training methods or practice dominance theory.

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All-Inclusive Dog Training, Behavior Modification & Dog Boarding

(In behaviorist/dog trainer’s facility)
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Dog boot camp is designed for dogs that have special needs or require extra work in certain problem areas. Also for parents with busy schedules that don’t have the time or expertise to work with your dog? Drop your dog off with us for one week or longer to give them the best education a family and dog can get! Dog training, behavior modification, and dog boarding will take place in a private, spacious, impeccably clean facility, with one-on-one,100% undivided personal care and attention taught by a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) (one of less than 200 worldwide!) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).

This is a one of a kind, first-class, highly specialized, catered, customized and comprehensive service where each program is designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual pet. Each package will include the following non-aversive, positive reinforcement and behavior modification methods depending on your pet’s needs: Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, desensitization, counterconditioning, socialization, enrichment, house training, integration, habituation, generalization, proofing, stimulus control, fluency, basic, mid and advanced level obedience methods and your pet’s customized behavior modification program.

Although at least 4 hours a day of intensive hands-on training lessons and behavior modification is guaranteed, our love for dogs and ambition to train and rehabilitate each dog successfully typically leads us in putting far more time than that. Los Angeles pet parents can rest easy, knowing that during your absence, your pet will receive:

  • An intensive, hands-on custom dog training, behavior modification, and boarding program taught and supervised by one of our master Certified Dog Behavior Consultants and Certified Professional Dog Trainers for 4 hours per day for 7 consecutive days of exclusive training and behavior modification sessions
  • Daily Dog Report Cards with detailed behavior analysis
  • Your dog’s training and behavior modification program integrated into every aspect of daily life
  • At least 4 personalized adventure, training and/or behavior modification walks per day
  • Feeding, hydrating, walking, cuddling, playing, swimming, medications, and exercise schedules maintained per the pet parent’s instructions
  • Calming, canine classical music and lavender/chamomile therapeutic-grade organic essential oils, scientifically proven to calm and soothe pets and every luxury a dog could dream of
  • All that the Dog Boarding Los Angeles package offers
  • All-inclusive overnight and day care with personalized expert trainer supervision and training throughout
  • Professional photographs and/or videos of your dog’s experiences during their training and behavior modification sessions

28+ Hours 

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Dog Behavior Modification

(In parent’s home)
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We often solve problems that other dog trainers and behaviorists are not willing to take on or cannot fix. We utilize the science of learning theory, ethology (scientific knowledge of species-specific behavior) and cognitive ethology to help clients improve their pet’s behavior. If you are at your wit’s end and need a behavioral problem solved, you have come to the right place. This service is appropriate for mild to serious types of dog behavior problems and disorders. Our methods are humane, non-confrontational and designed to decrease household stress and improve the human-animal bond. We utilize non-aversive, positive reinforcement and gentle methods to modify your dog’s behavior. We educate parents on how to recognize, handle and modify their body language, behavior, energy, and environment which helps your dog learn at the fastest rate possible. In many cases, this change along with our scientific, positive reinforcement approach is the realization and key to rehabilitating your dog in the shortest amount of time and restoring balance and harmony in your relationship. Our scientific, evidence-based approach, gentle, force-free methods and positive reinforcement combines operant conditioning, classical conditioning, counter conditioning, desensitization, and habituation and is successful in treating mild and severe cases of fear-based, aggression and problem behaviors such as:

  • House Training (housebreaking/house soiling)
  • Leash Pulling
  • Destructive Behavior indoors and/or outdoors
  • Begging for food (during mealtime, etc.)
  • Bolting out the door
  • Jumping on people
  • Excitability
  • Aggression (both dog-dog and dog-human)
  • Resource Guarding (toys, food, bed, room, etc.)
  • General Anxiety
  • Fear, Phobia or Anxiety of noises, people, other animals, objects, storms and/or walks
  • Separation Anxiety/problems when home alone
  • Obsessions (vacuums, mailmen, UPS trucks)
  • Excessive Barking
  • Biting
  • Wheel Phobias (bicycle, skateboard, rollerblades, car, etc.)
  • New pet consultations (dog-dog, dog-human, & dog-cat introductions)

1 Hour – $245 & Up

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Dog Obedience Training

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Clicker/Marker training is an operant conditioning method that creates a reward-based relationship with the pet and parent. We recommend this advanced method for all pets, especially dogs that demonstrate nervous tendencies or those that need to build confidence. It is also great for teaching fun skills and tricks such as Sit, Stay, Sit – Stay, Down, Down – Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Heeling, Play Dead and Give Paw.

1 Hour – $245 & Up

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Online Dog Training Class

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Don’t let distance stop you from attending our premier dog training classes. Whether you would like a dog trainer in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Miami, or live in New York or overseas, we can help with all of your dog training and behavioral needs. For clients who have multiple residences or live outside of South Florida, we offer remote classes via telephone or video chat. We walk customers through the same instruction that he would provide if he were in your home doing a private one-on-one dog training or behavior modification session.

1 Hour – $225

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Semi-Private Group Lessons

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Would you and your pup’s friends like dog training lessons together? Just gather three or more dogs together and receive the same awesome science-based, positive reinforcement education, dog obedience training, behavior modification, coaching, and skills but at half the price for each pup! Now that’s a saving worth barking about.

1 Hour – $100

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Daily Dog Walking & Training

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Daily Dog Walking & Training is an excellent way to practice your dog’s skills and good manners. While on their daily walk, Fun Paw Care’s assistant dog trainer or veterinary technician will work with your pet to instill the obedience and/or behavior modification plan laid out by Russell. During this customized service, good manners and obedience will be reinforced through Russell’s positive reinforcement, science-based, and force-free methods. This is a great way for your pup to get extra practice with basic skills such as sit, down, stay, heel, and come. With consistent and repetitive dog training classes, Los Angeles dogs will learn quickly and retain this knowledge, leading to a lifetime of obedience.

1 Hour – $72 & Up

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