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Shelter/Rescue Program Give Back


Fun Paw Care believes in supporting our homeless community pets and responsible pet parents and shelters through education and dog training.

Adopters that receive a private Palm Beach, Broward or Miami dog training consultation within 30 calendar days of your dog’s adoption from a responsible shelter will receive a %10 discount off of our normal dog training rates.

In addition, if you receive our behavior modification or dog training, Miami, Broward or Palm Beach service within 30 calendar days of the dog’s adoption, the responsible shelter/rescue organization in which you adopted from will receive %20 of the cost of your dog training session as a donation back to the shelter/rescue organization where your pup came from.


What makes a shelter or rescue organization responsible?

A responsible shelter or rescue organization understands ethology and cognitive ethology. They follow continuing education standards and the minimum criterion set forth by the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), understand the science of how animals learn, advocate and support only humane treatment, force free and positive reinforcement dog training and behavior for all pets in their care. Miami Dade Animal Services is an example of a responsible shelter, contrarily, The Humane Society of Greater Miami would exemplify an irresponsible shelter that we do not support.

A percentage of all Fun Paw Care sales goes toward volunteering and giving back via animal advocacy, rescuing and fostering homeless dogs and cats, and giving back via free community educational seminars.

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