Best Veterinarians in Los Angeles California

Best Veterinarian in Los Angeles CA

Would you like to know who the best Los Angeles veterinarians who come the most highly recommended and which veterinarians in Beverley Hills, Santa Monica, West Side, and Los Angeles California support and advocate only the most up-to-date, science-based, force-free dog training and behavior modification techniques are? Does your Veterinarian support aversive, punitive outdated dog”trainers” and “behavior specialists” who are practicing outdated 1950’s training techniques? Just as with your physician, medicine, and technology, psychology, and nonhuman animal behavior is a science and much has changed in the field of ethology, pet care and dog training euphemistically referred to as traditional or balanced dog “training” from decades ago. Traditional or balanced dog “training” or the new usage of “dog whispering” is synonymous with, compulsion dog training, dominant dog training, alpha dog training, dominance theory, training with causing stress, pain, and force. Dog training with choke chains, electric collars, shock collars, pronged collars, dog training by poking a dog in the ribs, kicking a dog, forcing dogs into positions, alpha rolls (holding a dog down in the submissive position, typically on their side against their will), leash popping, yanking and cranking on a leash or placing a choke chain around your best friends neck…etc, are all forms and degrees of abuse. If you hear any of these techniques, phrases, words or styles and you don’t see or check the trainer’s force-free methods and up-to-date certifications, affiliations and professional organizations it would behoove you and your pet to politely hang up the phone quickly. If a veterinarian is displaying animal abusers and individuals who espouse punitive, outdated techniques and methods not based in science, what does this say about the care (or lack thereof) that they have for animals and pet parents? It also speaks volumes about that veterinarian and their practice’s beliefs about continuing education, respect and humane treatment for animals. It advertises in no uncertain terms the ignorance and negligence of that veterinarian practice.


Confrontational training and behavior methods and “teaching” with fear are sadly and surprisingly still widely practiced and supported by veterinarians and rescue organizations who ignorantly support these techniques by displaying these severely outdated and ignorant dog “trainers’” advertising material, business cards and pamphlets in their veterinarian practices and waiting areas to clients. It makes one wonder as to the education of the veterinarian, staff and the establishment if they are advocating these aversive, compulsion based, dog “trainers” and “behavior specialists.” If veterinarians are not concerned about their clients’ pets, education, taking Continuing Education Units and using the most up-to-date, force-free, scientific-based positive reinforcement dog trainers and behaviorists to care for their patients, then what does that say about their diligence and care for their own practice, education, and patients?


While great for business, we are disheartened, dismayed and disconcerted by the number of people coming to us in tears asking us to re-train their pets and to help educate them after they were traumatized by other traditional or balanced dog “trainers” in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Greater Los Angeles CA area who have attempted outdated, reality television show style, abusive, inhumane training and behavior modification tactics. It simply breaks our hearts when a relationship is ruined and a dog traumatized because of ignorance. Our love for our clients and animals is the impetus that preempted this list. Anything other than Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA), force-free, positive reinforcement protocol simply breaks down the relationship between you and your dog and hurts rather than helps the long-term success of any behavior modification or dog training program. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting the most up-to-date information regarding training and behaviorism from many veterinarians whose specialty does not lie in the science of ethology and training but in medicine. This is one of the reasons we are compelled to fill in the holes of the industry and to provide this service to you.


Veterinarians should be held accountable for displaying, advertising and promoting these outdated, dangerous dog “trainers” that hurt rather than help people’s pets’ and their relationships with their pets. It is not an option to plead ignorance. Cutting-edge research, progressive and proactive veterinarians, dog trainers and behaviorists do not rest on their laurels, and neither should you when deciding on who the best veterinarian, dog trainer, and behaviorist are to support the healthy development in your puppies, kittens, and mature dogs and cats.


Veterinarians and rescue organizations in Los Angeles, South Florida or anywhere, who only recommend, display in their veterinarian practice and advertise humane, gentle, force-free, scientific dog training methods based on learning theory to train dogs and fix behavior problems in dogs and cats are displayed below.


There are several articles to help you decide how to choose a dog trainer and behavior specialist. I wrote several syndicated articles, here are just a few:

If your veterinarian is not on this list, I would highly recommend reconsidering your choice from someone below.


Los Angeles Veterinarians



Guidelines for inclusion to The Best Veterinarians in Los Angeles California list:

Please email us only and tell us the following:

  • Why should you be on this list?
  • What dog trainers and behavior medication specialists do you currently recommend, verbally and in marketing material in your patient waiting area?
  • Do you only recommend those dog trainers and behavior specialists or others as well? Please list all affiliated or supported by you and/or your veterinarian practice.
  • Please note, to be included on this list you must ONLY recommend, support, display in your veterinarian practice, and advertise, humane, gentle, force-free, scientific dog training methods based on learning theory to train dogs and cats and to modify behavior problems in dogs and cats. You may recommend many different dog training companies and or dog trainers, but they must all practice the aforementioned.
  • Please note all recommended professional dog trainers and behavior consultants must be force-free, certified with an international, independent, psychometrically sound, testing body, such as the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and be certified by an independent council of world-renowned doctors and scientist and actively take continuing education units (CEU’s) within the fields of canine and feline ethology, cognitive ethology, psychology, training, evolution, physiology, neurobiology, sociology, learning theory, and animal husbandry. Dog trainers and behavior specialists must be certified by an organization that ensures one has met standards that are independent of any organization; these standards are based on science or are accepted industry standards. Regardless of how they obtained their education, the tests are standardized for the profession.
  • You may not pay or solicit to be on this list.
  • There will be a visit to your local hospital, clinic, and/or office and meetings with your veterinarians prior to being accepted by The Best Veterinarians in Los Angeles list.


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