When I started dog training more than two decades ago, the product choices were minimal.  For dog walking and dog training it was common to use choke chains, ropes, buckle collars or whatever you had lying around the house for leashes or collars.  It really is amazing to think how little research was done on canines and how little was known by science back then.  When I search for collars, leashes or training apparatus now it is stunning how many varieties of products there are for sale.  Just to name a few:  There are Kevlar made leashes and collars, reflective gear, backpacks, breakaway collars, martingale collars, flat or rolled collars, waterproof collars, head halters such as the Snoot Loop or Halti products, front-attaching harnesses like the Walk-in-Sync Harness, Freedom Harness, Sense-ation Harness …etc. the list of varieties and selections is exhaustive.


Here at Fun Paw Care, we get asked almost every day what to use or what product works best.  In short, it all depends on why you are getting the product and what breed, energy level, training level, temperament, shape and size dog you have. There are products coming out every day, with dozens of sites dedicated to rating and testing them. I would suggest reading a lot about the products before you make a decision. There are a plethora of resources at your fingertips. Go into your local pet store and see if they have some for you to try out or see. You have the ability to be educated like never before, with most American households having the ability to access the internet, there is no excuse not to find the perfect match for you and your best friend. There is no reason to use a choke chain, pronged collar or shock collar! In addition you also should not be using buckle collar or rear attaching harness for a dog that pulls or an easily destroyable chew toy for a heavy chewer….etc. Nowadays, there are dog training devices, behavior modification apparatus, leashes, collars, interactive and enriching and stimulating toys…etc. products made for every shape, size, breed and temperament pet and human.


Technology is amazing and with every category of pet products lies innovation, creativity and inventiveness. If you don’t see something you like, try and make it yourself. It is easier to make, manufacture or design something now then perhaps ever in the past.


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