Covid-19 and Pets

Coronavirus and pets

Coronavirus And Pets (COVID-19 update) We are OPEN. In these stressful times, rest assured, as always, my number one concern is of the safety of the pets and families I work with. One of the many benefits of my non-volume approach to dog training, dog boarding, and optimal pet care is a reduction in the […]

Dog Trainer Certification & How To Choose a Dog Trainer

How to become a dog trainer, dog trainer certification

How To Choose a Dog Trainer & Dog Trainer Certifications Feel free to use the navigation below to jump to the appropriate section. Dog Training Industry Problems How To Become A Dog Trainer What Are Dog Trainer Certifications And Certificates? Why Are Independent Certification And Testing Organizations So Important? Recommended Dog Training And Behavior Certifications […]

Abuse of The Service Dog Title

dog training Los Angeles, service dogs

Abuse of the Service Dog Title (Updated 2020) Can I travel with my Emotional Support Dog? On December 2, 2020, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it is revising its Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) regulation on the transportation of service animals. What does this mean for parents with emotional support dogs or other […]

What Pet Care Professionals Need to Know

Two Goldens Retrievers Fighting

Animal Behavior – Vital Knowledge For Pet Professionals (Updated 2020) What do dog walking, dog hotels, dog boarding, dog kennels, dog groomers, dog daycare, dog trainers, dog nutritionist, and all pet professionals need to know? What is the singular most vital piece of knowledge and essential component of any pet business to keep dogs safe, […]

A Pit Bull vs. A Honda

Pitbull and Honda

Pit Bulls And Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) (Updated 2020) The shocking similarity between a “Pit Bull” and a Honda Accord. Perverted enough, a car and a dog are both considered things and objects under the law to be owned.  Perhaps for the objects, this makes sense, but this should be found shocking for the living, […]

Dogs & Yoga Health Benefits

Dachshund doing play bow morning stretch in sun

Dogs & Yoga Health Benefits Dogs & Yoga = Doga. Both are things I love, but let me be clear, I am not an expert on Yoga. The former I have spent decades loving, while the later I am a premature novice, and by no means a yogi. That being said, the concept of Doga […]

Top 11 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Your Dog | LA dog Training

Dog Humping Mounting

Should I Spay And Neuter My Dog? (Updated 2020) Before clients look for a spay and neuter clinic, they bring their puppy to me for puppy training, behavior, and spay/neuter advice. Spaying and neutering is a hot topic. Almost as controversial as what to feed my dog. When I first wrote this spay/neuter article years […]

9 Dog Training & Class Time Management Tips

German Shepherd Puppy training and boarding miami

Dog Training Tips and Time Management (Updtead 2020) When training canines, time management is ultra-important. It is what separates great dog trainers from mediocre ones. Time and timing are the utmost important factors in just about every dog training class or private session scenario. Without good timing, you are confusing your dog and families at […]

Service Dogs: Many Asian Countries Setting a Good Example

Service Guide Dogs

Service Dogs In Asia A guide dog is trained to lead visually impaired people, while a service dog – otherwise known as a service animal – is specially trained to assist a person with a variety of physical and mental disabilities. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service dog’s duties range from […]

How to Find Pet Friendly Apartments | Moving With A Pet Resume

Dog moving with suitcase

Pet-Friendly Apartments When Moving With a Dog or Cat (Updated 2020) Here are all of the dog and pet products that we recommend when searching for a pet-friendly apartment How important is a dog resume or CV, curriculum vitae? A dog resume is very important if you live in Los Angeles or any large city. […]

Dog Training and Family Participation

Tennis ball hits dog in the head

Family Dog Training  (updated 2020) I get many calls around the holidays for dog training. Los Angeles families adopt pets for the holidays when everyone is happy and hopeful. However, when a person gets a dog as a surprise for a loved one or when one family member does not want a dog or is […]

Poisoning A Dogs Training Cue

dog in field with flowers

Poisoning A Cue (Updated 2020) Poisoning anything sounds dangerous which is why so many dog trainers and clients don’t realize or want even to think that they may have poisoned their dog training cues. The good news is, it won’t kill you or your dog. The bad news is, your dog gets confused, tops responding […]

14 Things Your Dog Trainer Wishes You Knew

dog training miami dog

Dog Trainer Secrets (Updated 2020) Here are all of the dog aggression equipment, collars, harnesses and pet products that we recommend Ever wonder what your dog trainer secretly wants you to understand if you want to be a great dog training student or client? Of course you do, who doesn’t. Every pet parent needs to […]

Steve Guttenberg, Russell Hartstein & Fun Paw Care

Service Dogs and homeless dogs

Steve Guttenberg Teams Up With Russell Hartstein Dog training and behavior modification are not only my career of choice but my passion. As a natural extension of this passion, I thrive on turning homeless dogs into service dogs to help others. The largest reason why millions of dogs and cats are killed in our shelter […]

Steve Guttenberg, Russell Hartstein & Fun Paw Care

Ability Explosion, Service Dogs Miami Beach

Celebrities Dogs The Ability Explosion Luncheon and Simulation Event was a huge success, even for homeless and service dogs alike. The mayor Philip Levine and the commissioners graciously participated in the event to bring awareness to the obstacles and challenges others face on a daily basis. Awareness and compassion bring change. The day began with […]

Dog Training Tools vs Teaching

French bulldog pulling on leash

Dog Training Tools Vs. Teaching One of the most common dog walking scenes across the country is a pet parent being pulled down the street while walking their dog. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see a dog wearing a dog harness however it is often without the benefit of being taught or learning anything. […]

The Foible of Inclusivity in “Teaching”

Shar-Pei Blown Away

All Dog Training Methods Should Not Be Sanctioned Why LIMA isn’t enough Disclaimer: I practice Buddhism which regardless of which lineage you follow has nonharm to all sentient beings as a core value and practice. Hence, the ethics and morals that guide me do not align with dog training organizations I’m part of. The most popular […]

Journalistic Integrity and Dogs

belgian malinois

Dogs and Journalists Don’t Mix Have you ever played the game, how many inaccuracies can you find in one article by a large media outlet newspaper? It is fun but quite sad. This is not to single out a specific newspaper but to focus on the systemic problem affecting media and journalists today. It is […]

8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Not Pack Animals

Wolf pack howling

Are Dogs Pack Animals? Here are all of the dog aggression equipment, collars, harnesses and pet products that we recommend Check out our dog training services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the world! (Updated 2020) […]

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Allow My Dogs In The Kitchen

dog training in kitchen

Dogs In The Kitchen (Updated 2020) Here are all of the dog products mentioned in this article and pet products that we recommend Check out our dog training services if your dog is in the Greater Los Angeles or Southern California area or our phone and video consultations to get help from anywhere in the […]

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