Here at Fun Paw Care we counsel many celebrities in the world of entertainment, business, fashion and society about dog training and behavior both with four legs and two. We want to highlight and send a warm thank you to my friends Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin for ensuring that they receive the best dog training and pet care a family can get from celebrity Miami dog trainer Russell Hartstein CPDT of Fun Paw Care. As always it is a pleasure working with Naomi and Vlad while training their new puppy Milo (their Morkie) and caring for Winston (their English Bulldog). Naomi and Vlad recently bought a twenty pack of dog training sessions but celebrities aren’t the only ones who are taking advantage of our 10 and 20 pack training sessions. These packages are by far our most popular new dog training services and are the best way to ensure that your dogs stay in tip top shape mentally and physically with their obedience and behavior throughout their lives.


It is important to remember that dog training is not an event but a process that takes time and dedication and that it is never OK to abuse a dog.  When dog training, expediency should never trump the humane, ethical treatment and welfare of your dog. In life it is important to remember that we get what we settle for. Dog trainers are first and foremost teachers for both dogs and their owners. Choose your educator wisely. Don’t settle for anything less than the best positive reinforcement dog trainer, Russell Hartstein, CPDT at Fun Paw Care.

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