Disability Access Committee – Service Dog Training


Fun Paw Care takes great pride in volunteering, serving our community and helping others. It is with great pleasure that I have been selected by our honorable incumbent mayor Philip Levine, to serve on the Disability Access Committee (DAC). This will be my second nomination after being previously handpicked by former mayor Mattie Bower for this very important role as liaison to the city on all things disability related. I will continue to serve Miami Beach and all of our residents with the highest quality information, professionalism, care, and passion that I provide to all of my friends and clients.


The DAC is close to my heart. Over the years I have made many friends and acquaintances on the board. I contribute my vast knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its direct implication on service dogs, emotional support animals (ESA), psychiatric service dogs (PSD), and anything Miami dog training, behavior and pet related regarding our Miami Beach community. The DAC handles all issues pertaining to individuals with disabilities in Miami Beach.


Non-board members may attend meetings and I would encourage anyone who would like their voice to be heard and who wants to be the change they want to see in the world, to contact me and to come in and sit in on one of our board meetings. You will have a chance to speak to the committee and to be heard if you would like or you can just listen to all of the disability related issues affecting our great city. This is a very rewarding position and one that I sincerely enjoy being an integral part of as we make Miami Beach a world class city for ALL individuals.


Sincerely, Russell Hartstein CEO, Fun Paw Care