The Best Dog Daycare in Los Angeles

See what makes our service (for Fun Paw Care members) the most-thoughtful, best-customized doggie daycare you can shake a bone at.

Fun Paw Care dog daycare: best in LA

If you’re the kind of dog parent who would rather miss your dog than have your dog miss you, Fun Paw Care has both of you covered.

Most dog daycare centers, dog boarding facilities, and dog hotels are run by people who spend most of their time thinking about getting to full capacity.  A day when disasters are averted and dogs are fed is a good day.

We think dog daycare can accomplish more.  In the kind and experienced paws of LA dog training/behavior expert Russ Hartstein, dog daycare is an opportunity to understand your dog better and grow closer to him or her – even when you’re away for the day.

We work with dogs throughout greater Los Angeles, including in Malibu, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Calabasas, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood, Palos Verdes, and elsewhere in and near LA.

Apply now to become a Fun Paw Care member for the best behavior-focused dog daycare program in LA, or read on to find out more about the daycare experience your dog can look forward to.

What’s included in the Fun Paw Care dog daycare service?

  • Our vetting and screening process, for your comfort and peace of mind, and for your dog’s health, safety, and general well-being.
  • A plush hotel and engaging holistic learning center that’s supervised, operated, and run by a world-renowned dog behaviorist / dog trainer certified by the CDBC & CPDT (less than 200 of us worldwide!), Russ Hartstein
  • Healthy lunch for full-day doggie daycare guests. Your dog gets fed, healthy food from slow food bowls or from stuffed Kong toys (to prevent bloat, indigestion and to stimulate cognition, teach excellent chew toy habits, and provide additional daily enrichment)
  • Bespoke dog playgroups based on size, age, breed, energy levels, gender, and play styles – set up and supervised by dog behavior expert Russ
  • All the play, socialization, exercise, and other enrichment your dog could possibly want in a day – with other dogs and people in your home, in the neighborhood, or around town
  • Butler and concierge service, allowing you to reunite with your dog without having to leave your vehicle
  • A veterinarian and dog nutritionist on-call 24/7, just in case and for peace of mind
  • Holistic dog Zen rooms, specially designed for canine relaxation and decompression, and situated in quiet areas that suit your dog’s specific individual needs
  • Plenty of outdoor shaded spots for hanging out with friends in the fresh ocean air
  • Quick and easy access to indoor climate-controlled areas (you know how LA can get!)
  • Canine grass – soft and antibacterial – for your dog’s comfort, traction, and cleanliness
  • Aromatherapy scents: lavender and chamomile organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils fill the air of all of our hotel and daycare
  • Canine relaxation music to help dogs wind down in their Zen spa environments
  • A trove of dog agility equipment and enrichment devices
  • Multiple dog park entrances and exits, meant to prevent gate crashers and to reduce stress, excitability, and reactivity. Your dog gets the VIP treatment, but can come and go without a fanfare and the Pawparazzi.


With Fun Pare Care you do NOT need to worry about:

  • Your dog’s boredom or loneliness when home alone
  • Your dog’s mischief when home alone (barking, chewing, counter-surfing, house-soiling, etc.)
  • Needing to choose between your work hours, your non-work hours, and caring for your dog
  • Your dog’s socialization
  • Your socialization with other dog parents (to the extent you want it)
  • Interacting with people who use inhumane equipment on their dogs (shock collars/electric collars/vibrating collars, choke chains, pronged collars, etc.)
  • Your dog’s interacting with badly-behaved dogs – dogs with problems resulting from being untrained, undertrained, or badly trained
  • Your dog’s interacting with unsupervised or under-supervised dogs, often in the “care” of someone mindlessly occupied by his or her phone
  • Sick, unhealthy, or unvaccinated dogs
  • All the risks in taking your pet to a dog park
  • Intact, unaltered dogs – who often alter the energy and composition of playgroups
  • Large or energetic dogs trampling and injuring smaller or older dogs
  • Older or calmer dogs forced to be surrounded by and harassed by younger, more-hyper dogs
  • Ticks, fleas, bacteria, and parasites on the streets and in dog parks
  • Mud, garbage, carcasses, feces, syringes, and the like
  • Behaviors like leash-pulling, scavenging, foraging on walks, or eating random things off the floor
  • Cleaning up poop
  • Stopping dogfights
  • Stopping off-leash dogs running up to you
  • Worrying about your dog being bullied, harassed or ganged up on
  • Ruining pre-established dog training or behavior modification protocols
  • Door charging / bum-rushing behaviors
  • Hydration
  • Dog indigestion, which can cause bloat or other illnesses
  • Hiring an unprofessional pet sitter or dog walker who is not up-to-date, intimate, fluent, and well-versed in canine body language, ethology, cognitive ethology, and applied behavior analysis – or who just doesn’t love dogs the way Fun Paw Care loves dogs

Typical dog boarding and dog hotels vs. dog daycare Fun Paw Care-style

We’re longtime dog trainers and dog behavior experts. Most dog daycare centers, dog boarding facilities, and dog hotels are run, owned and operated by people with very little (if any) background, experience, and expertise in applied behavior analysis (ABA).  They see their main responsibilities as feeding, supervising, cleaning, and possibly walking or playing.  Of course, those creature comforts and other duties matter, but often they’re complicated by behavioral issues, and there’s more to your dog’s life and well-being than just the essentials.

Dog behavior is the most critical area of expertise (by far) for anyone who works with dogs. Without an intimate working knowledge and application of ethology (non-human animal behavior) and applied behavior analysis, your dog cannot be understood, nor communicate. Without understanding and communication, your dog is at great risk. Some of the many physical, emotional, psychological and physiological health issues that may come about from a lack of communication and misunderstanding of a dog’s subtle behaviors are increased stress, anxiety, fear, phobia, fights, disease, depression, immunological diseases, overexcitement, aggression, and even death.

The very first question a dog parent should ask of a doggie daycare or pet hotel is: “Exactly who will supervise and care for my dog, and what is their background in dog behavior and canine ethology?”

You know exactly who will care for your dog: local dog-training expert Russell Hartstein.  Fun Paw Care is owned and operated by Russell Hartstein, a world-renowned dog behaviorist and one of fewer than 200 Certified Dog Behavior Consultants (CDBC) worldwide, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), and canine nutritionist. Russ has over 25 years of experience in studying and teaching animal behavior in Los Angeles, Miami, and Manhattan (where he’s originally from).

As the personification of Fun Paw Care, Russell overlooks the entire dog boarding, daycare, and dog training facility while organizing, maintaining and monitoring your dog’s comprehensive and integrative well-being and play sessions. Your dog is unique and deserves to be treated as unique. That’s why we are not a volume-based business, unlike most other dog hotels, dog daycares, and dog training centers in and near Los Angeles.

We thought of everything, and our doggie daycare has everything.  Dogs thrive on properly formulated and structured playgroups and conspecific interactions.  Those set them up to succeed, learn, be fulfilled, and have fun all day long while in our care. Dogs are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most naturally active during twilight hours, dawn and dusk. We structure our playgroups around your dog’s natural state and somatosensory preferences. Everything about our LA doggie daycare / dog training /  puppy training facility is carefully designed to encourage your dog to thrive in every aspect of health: mental, physical, emotional, behavioral and nutritional.

Our doggie daycare is a first-class, private, designed and structured dog park where well-balanced, well-behaved, social, affable dogs go to socialize, play, exercise and hang out with their friends. Everything about your dog’s day and night, playgroups, drop off and pick up times, activities, park layout, smells, lighting, tactile surfaces, enrichment, socialization, naps, toys, and nutrition are designed to meet and exceed your dog’s behavioral, exercise and enrichment needs, so that you pick up a well-balanced and completely fulfilled dog. Both of you will feel cared-for throughout the day.  You won’t need to leave your dog at home and force him or her to choose between bored to the bone and bad to the bone.

Our dog daycare is TAILored to your dog’s comfort – physical and emotional.  Most doggie daycares and hotel dog boarding facilities are not set up safe, healthy play sessions. Play sessions aid in social development, exercise, but also very importantly build behavioral flexibility while in the process, helping a dog learn to get along with many other dog morphologies, and temperaments. Overly rough, inappropriate play or poor matching of dogs’ energy, size, sex, breed, or age may easily cause traumatic experiences. All of those experiences can lead to emotional, physical, or psychological health problems, and in many cases will lead to aggression or a fight.

Here are just a few of the things an experienced dog behaviorist and trainer watch for to tell how a dog play session is going:

  • Role reversals
  • Self-handicapping
  • Play bows
  • Willingness of each dogs’ engagement vs. disengagement
  • Play one-sidedness
  • Hackle piloerection
  • Shaking or rough or hard mouthing
  • Noises? Growling? Snarling? Barking? Mounting / humping
  • Intensity levels
  • No winners or losers and healthy for both animals
  • Dyadic play sessions

All of those are contextual signs that only a skilled behaviorist and trainer can make sense of.


Doggie Daycare

Our exclusive dog daycare service is limited to Members only, offered on a case by case basis.

Monday – Friday = 7:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday – Sunday = Closed (for Puppy Socialization Classes & Training)

Half-Day Care: $105
Drop off, 7:00am – 9:00am, Pick up, 11:00am – 1:00pm
Drop off, 12:00pm – 2:00pm, Pick up, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Full-Day Care: $125
Drop off, 7:00am-9:00am, Pick up, 5:00pm-7:00pm

Dogs must be:

  • People and dog-friendly – Spayed/Neutered
  • Up to date on vaccinations, shots, flea and tick prevention (we require that you provide proof)
  • Freshly bathed, groomed and flea and tick free
  • Potty trained
  • Nonbarkers
  • Interviewed for a temperament test
  • Members-only

Parents must bring: List of all recommended products

  • Daily food placed in individual Ziploc bags measured out for lunch
  • six-foot dog leashquick release collar (free of dog tags), standard flat buckle collar (to hold tags), and a martingale collar
  • Vaccination records from your veterinarian. We require Rabies, Distemper DHPP (distemper/parvo) & Bordetella (every 6 months) vaccines. Vaccines must be administered at least 48 hours before your visit
  • Microchip information updated and confirmed

Apply Now

*Additional $60 for each of the following that apply: rush service, holidays & holiday weekends, drop offs or pick ups before/after your service’s designated times
*No pick ups after 7:00 pm. If your dog is not picked up by 7:01 pm, you will be charged for an additional night/s of Hotel Dog Boarding, plus all other applicable fees
*Full Day Dog Daycare guests are required to have lunch; if you do not provide your dog’s pre-bagged, Ziplocked dog food, you will be billed for their lunch
*Dog/s unapproved for Dog Daycare, must receive at least 4, 1-hour private enrichment daily dog walks
*Spay or neuter is required for any dog over six months old
*Daycare is only suitable for dogs over one-year-old