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Dog Daycare Things to Look for: There are simply too many situations or reasons to mention why a great dog daycare would be healthy for your dog and why a poor dog daycare would be unhelpful or downright harmful for your dog. We think the cons for most dog daycares substantially outweigh the pros in […]

“Random” Canine Aggression (part 2)

  In our first article about  Random” Canine Aggression, we discussed issues not only pertaining to Los Angeles dog training, but training, behavior, and dog aggression at large and how it initiates, propagates and flourishes.   Here are some changes that may be made to help prevent bites in the public sphere and in your own […]

“Random” Canine Aggression

What is dog aggression? Is there such a thing as “random” canine aggression?  In the dog training world, “good” advice gets passed around like a bottle of whiskey in a homeless shelter.  To the untrained eye, it may appear that canine aggression may be random but I can assure you from a certified professional dog […]