My Dog Only Listens When I Have Treats

French Bulldog Puppy Counter Surfing

Dog Training Is Not Dog Bribing In this how-to NOT bribe your dog when training guide I’ll cover: Common Dog Training Problems Learning Theory Basics Should I Use Food To Train My Dog? How to use Food Correctly When Dog Training How To Use A Food Lure Correctly Reconditioning a Dog That Only Responds To […]

Is My Dog Obese

My dog is Obese

Is My Dog Obese? (Updated 2020) Is Dog Obesity a Crime?  I am not averse to providing my opinion on many subjects pertaining to the voiceless crowd (AKA, animals) so how is it that feeding one’s pet non-stop (“Obie” the morbidly obese Dachshund), at the pet’s demand and will, is considered responsible?  What is “the […]

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