Sports For Animals or People


Dog sports, breeding, conformation, agility, obedience competition, working dogs…etc., are all so common that many don’t even blink an eye when they are mentioned. But who is looking out for a dogs’ rights and welfare? Some people are in the limelight and are rich, and famous. This often has the benefits of access to the best […]

Dogs in Extreme Sports

sky diving dog

A dog is stuffed into a backpack and worn by the pet parent as he base-jumps off a cliff. A dog is hooked up to a sling line and is dangling precariously, thousands of feet above a mountain’s jagged edge, as the owner pulls him over a crevasse. Here’s the kicker, this isn’t a rescue […]

Pet Ownership: Right or Privilege? (part 1)

Is Dog Ownership a Right or Privilege?

Is Dog “Ownership” a Basic Human Right or a Privilege? I was speaking with a Los Angeles dog training friend of mine and we got to talking about traditional or balanced dog “trainers” with regards to corrections (typically used as a euphemism for leash popping, force, abuse, and punishment) in the plethora of dog sports and […]