Dog Owner, Cat Owner vs. Dog Parent, Cat Parent

puppy next to a stool

Dog Owner or Dog Parent? (Updated 2020) As long as we oppress other living beings, we will create a culture of oppression. Dog Owner, Cat Owner vs. Dog Parent, Cat Parent. What’s The Difference? The Case to Move Beyond Dog & Cat Ownership It is time to evolve and move beyond ownership and live in […]

Dog Training and Family Participation

Tennis ball hits dog in the head

Family Dog Training  (updated 2020) I get many calls around the holidays for dog training. Los Angeles families adopt pets for the holidays when everyone is happy and hopeful. However, when a person gets a dog as a surprise for a loved one or when one family member does not want a dog or is […]

The Power of a Dog or Cat to Change Your Mood

Dog waiting patiently

Pets Are Great For Your Health (Updated 2020) It was a gloomy rainy day out and I wasn’t looking forward to venturing out into the rain and wind. That is until I saw my first Los Angeles dog training client for the day and their gorgeous German Shepherd Dog and Golden Retriever smothered me with […]

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