At Fun Paw Care we teach and take continuing education courses regularly, ranging in topics from ethology and dog training to cognitive ethology and husbandry. We enjoy learning, teaching and being at the forefront of the newest methodologies and research that comes out daily in the science of applied animal behavior. With this passion to learn and continually raising the bar of excellence, I wanted to share an achievement that I am happy to announce. I have passed, with outstanding marks, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) certification exam to become a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, (CDBC). There are fewer than 200 CDBC’s worldwide! In addition to my numerous other dog training and behavior certifications and achievements over the years, I feel that this credentialing exam and organization is particularly meaningful and a great fit for me as their ethics, integrity and focus on continuing education is aligned with mine and every team members at Fun Paw Care.


Over the years, as the landscape of dog training and dog behavior organizations have changed, some organizations (APDT) have lost meaning and and have become a useless metric in which to gauge the competence, proficiency and qualifications of a behavior professional or dog trainer, while others have risen to the top (PPG) by putting ethics, morals and integrity first and foremost and is a more comprehensive, humane and ethically driven, force free organization.


Although I have been educating families and dogs for decades, this credential is held in high regard by the dog behavior community and veterinarians alike. In this unregulated industry it is imperative to lend credibility and licensing standards to an industry that is rife with animal abusers and fly-by-night start-ups.


Rest assured when you work with Fun Paw Care, not only are you a family member, but you are receiving the most sophisticated, professional, up-to-date, dog behavior, dog training and service dog training, Miami and South Florida have to offer.

Dog Training and Dog Behavior Certification