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The Standard of Pet Care Excellence

Dog training is the only science and discipline where one is teaching two different species simultaneously, both beginners, how to communicate. Learning is an art and science and the approach of Fun Paw Care dog training. Los Angeles dog, and cat parents, along with their pets, can learn to understand one another better and cohabitate with our services.

In this unregulated industry of dog behavior and training, lousy advice gets passed around like a bottle of Maddog at a college bar. There is a dearth of accurate, up-to-date scientific evidence-based knowledge and a plethora of misinformation, myth and harmful outdated advice.

Millions of companion animals are killed year after year. A disproportionate reason for this is a culture clash and a misunderstanding between the way a human perceives the world and acts upon it compared to other species. Our passion and goal are to educate both two-legged and four-legged animals to improve their bond, teach new behaviors, skills, help save relationships and invariably to see the joy emanating from the faces of clients and their pets.

Our passion and dedication involve perfecting our pet family’s experience, education, training and offering sophisticated pet care services. Fun Paw Care’s highly personalized, customizable pet care services are for those discriminating individuals that know and appreciate the best. Our deeply instilled culture, personified by our extraordinary hand-selected team, continues to get stronger. We are based in Los Angeles and have built a reputation on reliability, trust, and integrity in Beverly Hills, West Side, South Bay, Greater Los Angeles, and around the country, teaching the most up-to-date scientific knowledge in dog training and ethology and as animal advocates, environmentalists, and vegans, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards beyond any organizations minimum standard. In a business with no regulation, we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. If you are looking for elite dog training, dog behavior and pet care services in Los Angeles, you have found the best.

“Helping others is what this life is about and if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them “ Dalai Lama.”


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